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My experience with Intermittent Fasting and why it works for me

Remember when everyone was doing the Atkins diet?  Or what about the the Southbeach Diet?  Anyone doing Keto?  There are so many diet trends out there and it always seems that everyone is doing whatever is getting the most hype at the time.  I have always considered myself to be health conscious and follow a clean diet, or at least try to!  While diets can seem to be ever changing and often times end up being a fad, I normally always try to follow a healthy lifestyle rather than falling into whatever diet is popular at the time.  I can honestly say that I've never tried any of the diets above, mainly because I never felt like putting in the time and effort to educate myself on them.  I have, however, tried and really enjoy Intermittent Fasting. 

When I mentioned on Instagram that I've been doing Intermittent Fasting, I got quite a few questions and conversations going on in my DM's.  I figured it would be a good idea to go ahead and answer all questions and dock all information here!  Intermitted Fasting has been very successful for me and after doing quite a bit of research on it, I fully believe in it.  I prefer not to get into the details of the research because that is simply not my area of expertise, but I will share everything about how and why it works for me and the things I love about it!

Questions about Intermittent Fasting

What hours do you eat? / What hours do you fast?

I am currently doing 16:8.  What that means is that I fast for about 16 hours and I eat all of my meals within an 8 hour window.  I normally eat dinner around 5:30/6:00 p.m. (because kids lol) and I break my fast around 10:30/11:00 a.m.  There are of course days where sports run late and I end up eating dinner a little later than usual so on those days I aim to go a little longer the next morning before I break my fast. 

What do you drink while you fast?

Usually just water.  I actually really enjoy water so it doesn't bother me to only drink water.  People always ask if I still drink coffee while fasting but I am not a coffee drinker.  Well actually, I do love coffee but I do not ever drink caffeine.  Without caffeine, it eliminates having coffee in the morning for me and I only have decaf coffee as a treat which is usually a mid day kind of thing.  I do know that a lot of people who do IF and still have their coffee drink it black.  I think that the only other thing that is an option while fasting is tea and that is to be plain without any honey, cream, etc.

When I am working out, I will drink BCAA's or some type of non-caffeinated pre-workout drink while I work out.  I usually work out right before breaking my fast so I've pretty much almost made it to that point.

Do you fast on the weekends?

Pretty much.  The only exception would be Sunday mornings.  Saturdays have become a normal day for us with sports and such so it works with my IF schedule.  Right now we are doing soccer and a lot of times our first game of the day is in the morning so we are up and out the door as if it were a school day.  On days like this I plan to break my fast when I get home from the game.  If for some reason I'm still at the soccer field or out and about when that time comes, then I will bring something with me to eat when it's time to break.

When we are not doing soccer or have anything going on then I like to schedule a hot yoga class for Saturday morning or I plan on going to the gym for a regular work out.  Fortunately my kids enjoy going to the kids club at our gym so it's never a drag getting them out of the house.

What about breakfast with the kids on the weekends?

As I said above, Saturday mornings are usually busy but on Sunday mornings, I do eat breakfast with the family.  I try to eat somewhat healthy especially if breakfast that day is not my cheat meal.  I normally always have egg whites and occasionally a treat.  If I make the kids pancakes, I will have one with a little Agave instead of syrup.  I also like to eat these protein waffles (I buy them from my local grocery store) with a little bit of peanut butter and Agave.  Sometimes I will have those instead of whatever everyone is having so that I feel like I'm having a treat too but they are actually not that bad for you!

And then some days I just dive right into the eggs, bacon, toast, pancakes and syrup!  While I try to aim for the better options, balance is necessary and giving in is ok every once and a while.  When I do give in, I try to keep it pretty clean the rest of the day because, you know, more #balance lol.

Have you ever done a 24 hours fast?

Intentionally, no.  There was a really busy Saturday recently and I did not plan well.  I actually got our times/schedule for the day completely messed up and as I was making breakfast for myself I realized that we were supposed to be out the door to our next soccer game right then.  I had to scratch breakfast and hold out because I didn't even have time to grab something before we frantically left.  I ended up fasting about 21 hours that day and honestly, it wasn't that bad.  Once I got past the hangry window which was around the normal time that I break fast, the rest of the day wasn't near as bad as that window.  All in all, it was definitely a mind over matter situation and had I been mentally prepared for a 24 hour fast, I totally could have done it.  I considered holding out to 24 hours that day but that time fell while we were at a birthday party (because #momlife) and I didn't think that would have been a wise idea with cake around lol.

My recommendations for doing a 24 hour fast would be to drink a ton of water.  If you get hungry, drink water.  Also, chew a lot of gum.  I don't know why gum helps but it helps!

Do you eat clean during your eating window?

I do!  I normally always aim to eat clean because I just feel better when I do.  I get super sluggish and slow when I eat bad and feeling energized is key with how busy I am.

Has Intermittent Fasting effected your schedule?

No!  It has actually made it a little easier!  Mornings are usually the busiest part of my day so that is one less thing for me to do in the mornings.  The time that I break my fast is when the kids are at school so it's kind of nice to be able to enjoy a meal by myself.  As far as lunch, that is after we get home from preschool.  The kids have already had their lunch while they were at school so that's another meal that I can eat in peace lol.  They have never noticed or commented that I am not eating when they are and I think that's because we always have dinner together.  If I were skipping dinner they would absolutely notice and that's not something that would feel right for me.


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  1. Love this post! I've been doing IF since Jan 1 this year and it has been amazing. The benefits of a stronger immune system, decreased bloat, etc are all worth it. I do drink coffee with a splash of half & half or nut pods. They say if you stay under 40 calories it shouldn't break your fast, but some people are hardcore about it. I need my morning coffee ritual!

    xo Jessica
    My Style Vita


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