Monday, October 21, 2019

How to dress when it's hot in the fall

This past weekend was a great representation of Fall in Georgia.  One day it's cold, rainy and makes you want to bundle up in front of the fire like you would imagine on a autumn day, only to be immediately followed by highs in the mid 70's and you question whether those brisk fall temperatures are ever going to stick around.  That was us.  Cold and rainy Saturday and by Sunday afternoon we were out wearing shorts, sweating and eating ice cream.
So that got me thinking...

How do you dress when it's hot in the Fall?

One of the best tips I can give is to prepare yourself for both seasons.  It's pretty normal for it to feel like winter in the morning and summer by afternoon around here.  I love to add layers to an outfit so that it's easy to accommodate both.  A sleeveless sweater provides a little bit of warmth with a heavier knit and with a light jacket or cardigan over top, you're all set.

Adding accessories to a Fall outfit

I also love to incorporate fall prints and accessories into my outfits around this time of year with belts, bags and shoes.  While leopard can most definitely be worn year round, it's true time to shine is really in the fall.  Accompanied by warm, rich tones, leopard print is the perfect compliment to bring together any fall outfit.  I added these adorable (and affordable!) leopard block heel to this classic neutral look to give it a trendy pop.  I love how the print of these heels warm up this outfit in a classy and subtle way.  I have these heels in a couple different colors and they are a great height for the office and comfortable too!  PS - they also come in a loafer!

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