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How to arrange your Halloween wall bats

I found these 3D Halloween wall bats a few years ago and we have been decorating with them every year since!  They are always a huge hit here in our house and the kids get really excited when I get them out to decorate.  I can't even remember where I got them from because it was so long ago but this year I decided that it was time to add some new ones!

The arrangement is always the tricky part when it comes to putting the bats up.  It's difficult when you're up close to apply them and then once you take a step back, they don't really look the way you envisioned them.  I set out on Pinterest to get a lot of inspiration on what arrangement I wanted, being that there are so many.  During my install, I came up with a really simple and easy trick to getting the perfect wall bat arrangement!
Here you can see what my console table looks like prior to adding the bats.

How to arrange Halloween wall bats

The trick here is so simple.  Lay out your arrangement with blue painters tape!
Having this as a guideline helped me so much while I was putting my bats up.  
After spending a little time gathering inspiration on Pinterest, I decided that I wanted my bats to look like they were coming out of one spot and dispersing.  I wanted them to gradually get bigger into a funnel type shape so that's what I laid out with the blue tape.  While I was laying out my tape guide, I stepped back a few times to check on the shape until I was happy with how it looked.

5 tips to arranging your wall bats

1. Start small

Wherever you have your bats starting, start with the smallest bats and gradually get bigger as your funnel grows.

2. Space the bats out

This one took me a little while to get them hang of!  I kept putting them close together and once I went back to my Pinterest inspo, I realized that spread out definitely looks better.

3. Create a flow

I like for my bats to all go in the same general direction but alternating the direction of the individual bats will create a nice movement within your flow of bats.  It helps to break things up a bit!

4. Use blue tape

I know I said above to use the blue tape as a guide in your arrangement but I also used it over the little stickies when I applied them to the wall.  The little stickies that come with the bats are really sticky and this limited me in moving my bats around until I had them where I wanted them.  The blue tape worked just as well and was much easier to remove and/or move around.  Besides, if you want to use these again for several years you will definitely use up all of your sticky squares that they come with. 

5. Step back.  A LOT!

I can't stress this one enough!  I had to stop and stand back several times to see how things were looking.  I made several tweaks along the way and taking a second to step back will help with getting a good look at the big picture and make adjustments before getting too far in!

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Table, floral arrangement, frame and metal abstract art are all from Homegoods
Leaves and stems are from Michael's
Vase is from Target (Can't find it online)
Everything that I was able to link can be found below


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