Monday, May 6, 2019

This is me!

2019 has been a bit different for me than the years prior.  I normally try to treat each new year as a fresh start but this year has seemed a bit more accelerated.  I have done a tremendous amount of re-evaluating, re-directing and really getting down to what I want for myself.  Some much needed soul searching, if you will.  In the more recent years, I have really struggled with my identity and what I want for myself verses what is "practical" for my life at this particular moment.  Much of that is attributed to being a stay at home mom and having that feeling of slowly losing yourself as time goes by.  This was one of the main reasons that I blogged and why I always loved it as much as I did.  Blogging was something that was very fulfilling for me.  It always came very easy for me.  Photography became a passion of mine and I quickly learned that writing was a very expressive outlet that I needed.  I would sit down and the words would pour out.  Blogging, overall, was a creative outlet but more than that, it gave me something to be proud of.  Like many of the other things in my life that have taken a backseat to kids and the fast paced life that comes with the territory, blogging did as well.  Upon entering this new year and new phase that I am in, I feel ready and the timing feels right to not only blog again but inspire people in whole new light.

Let's backup to 2018.  I started out the year with the drive and determination to blog again and stick with it.  For most of the year, I did just that.  I accomplished many things and crossed off a lot of goals that I had set for myself.  I spent the year watching and learning from other bloggers that inspired me.  I saw their drive and consistency and that pushed me to do the same.  I categorized myself as a "Lifestyle Blogger" at the time and like so many of the other bloggers that I followed, I shared bits and pieces of my family along with everything else under the sun.  But somewhere around the end of the year, I began to feel like something was lacking.  I was lacking direction, focus and after much thought, I finally came to the realization that I was lacking purpose.  I've always had a passion for helping people and without a true direction for my blog, I didn't feel like I was helping people in any way and the last thing I ever wanted to be was 'just another pretty family on Instagram.'  I wanted more than that.  I want to inspire people.  Inspire to be better, feel better and live a better life.  In the end, I also want that for myself.  I have sat here for the past 6 years, watching so many people influence and inspire others through social media, while I wished that I could one day do that.  I finally decided that it's time.  It's my time to take control back and do what I truly want to do.
So here I am today, re-launching my blog after a good 6 month break.  This re-launch also brings an entirely new direction and one with purpose.  Going in the direction of fashion has always been a dream of mine and for the longest time, I felt that it would forever be just a dream.  It didn't seem practical at any point in my life and the thought of buying clothes just to take pictures of and post seemed somewhat wasteful.  This thought process held me back for years from doing what I wanted to do until one day I had a realization that brought me here.  During this new year of soul searching, I decided that I was ready to start being who I am and who I want to be.  I have let life lead me and my style has been a reflection of that.  While I have always gravitated towards heels over vans and a fitted dress over jeans, that was not the life I was living.  It eventually occurred to me to ask myself, "why not?"  It doesn't have to be that way.  I go on plenty of date nights that I can wear dresses and skirts to.  I can swap out my cut off jean shorts on the weekends for something a little nicer.  So why haven't I been doing that this whole time?  I have learned that it comes with growth.  It took me a long time to feel more confident and comfortable with myself and by putting a little more effort into getting dressed, I can achieve that!
I am here to motivate women to level up their wardrobe.  Together, we will put outfits together that are a bit more polished and sophisticated so that you feel classy and confident in yourself.  A well dressed woman is empowering and better dressed equals bigger success in my book!  Even if you are not in the work place, success isn't limited to the professional setting.  Success can be found in your every day, weekends, relationships, motherhood and everywhere in between.  As a stay at home mom, I can't tell you how much more productive I am when I feel put together.  Getting up early and giving myself just a little bit more time to do my make up and pick out an outfit over grabbing leggings and whatever t-shirt is on top of the stack makes me feel better about myself.  In return, my day follows suit accordingly and that, in my opinion, is what leads me to being a successful mom, wife and woman.  So let's ditch the distressed denim and step our game up!   

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  1. WOWZA!! You look FANTASTIC and I cannot wait to see this next chapter come to life! You are killing it and I wish you all the luck with this new adventure!


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