Monday, November 5, 2018

3 small things to ensure a great day

Happy Monday, friends!  Here we are on our first Monday following the time change and I am making the most of it!  I know the time change is often dreaded and I myself am not a huge fan of the Spring ahead but the Fall back, that one I can get behind.  I don't know what it is with this time of year but we always ALWAYS fall off schedule.  On most mornings we are scrambling to get dressed, fed and out of the house before school actually starts which means we are rolling into the parking lot about 10 minutes late.  My daily goal for the past 2 weeks has been to get to school before the late sign in starts (we always make it just in the knick of time!) and that is NOT something I am proud of.   It's tough around this time of year when the fall festivities really start ramping up and we are going to bed late and starting off our mornings all on the wrong foot.  That's why I love this time change.  It gives us the perfect opportunity to get back on track with minimal effort considering we've been running 30 minutes behind lately.   So today I'm giving you 3 ways to make the most of your mornings to ensure that you have a great and positive day!

1. Wake up before everyone else.
I have noticed with myself that when I go to bed early or even just at a reasonable hour, it is so much easier to get up in the mornings.  I mean obviously this sounds like a no-brainer but we all know how easy it is to lose track of time when it feels like you finally get some time to yourself after a really long day.  I am guilty of this far too often.  My mornings are so much more productive when I start my day off early causing the rest of the day to follow suit.  When I get up before everyone else, or at least just the kids, I am able get lunches packed and eat breakfast much more efficiently than when the kids are up and I'm trying to do a million things at once.  When I get all of the busy work out of the way first, I am able to really focus on my kids and be attentive with them before getting them off to school.  This makes my morning so much smoother and I honestly feel like the kids have a better day this way too. 

2. Reflect, express gratitude and journal.
One thing I love to do is reflect first thing in the morning.  When the house is still quiet and I can think about what I am grateful for and how I want my day to go.  I like to do this first thing in the morning because I truly believe that your first thoughts of the day will set the tone for the rest of your day.  A few years back, I went through a really challenging time in my life and everything around me was affected by it.  I decided to take charge of that time and used it as an opportunity to redirect who I was and what direction my life was going in. I did that through expressing gratitude and journaling.  Every morning, I would start my day off with writing down 3 prayers and/or positive thoughts about either myself or someone else.  Then I would write down everything I was grateful for and what I wanted to work on that day.  I would do that through positive affirmations.  Taking it one day at a time was the easiest way for me to make small changes that amounted to one big overall change in who I was and I have been in a much more positive place ever since!

3. Do something for yourself.
I know that as a mother it is so hard to get time to yourself and actually doing something for yourself is so easily overlooked.  Adding something to your day that is entirely for you, whether big or small, can make a world of difference.  Over the summer, when I felt like the kids were driving me crazy, I started going back to the gym.  It made a huge difference in how my day went.  Having an hour to myself to do something entirely for me changed everything for me from improving my mood, giving me more patience with the kids and just overall contributing to feeling better about myself and my role as a stay at home mom.  Find something for you!  It doesn't have to be the gym, it can be anything that you enjoy doing or anything that gives you the opportunity to clear your head for a bit.  It could be taking a bath, reading a chapter or 2 out of a book before bed or even just having some quiet time first thing in the morning before everyone else wakes up.  Regardless of what you decide, find something for you and make it a habit to incorporate it into your daily routine. 

These 3 things are what I want to get back to.  I often struggle with being consistent in these areas and with the time change, I am making it a point to bring them back into my daily routine.  I feel better about myself and life in general when I am practicing all of these habits.  It is so important to me to have good days and be in good spirits, not just for myself but for my kids as well.  I am a better person, wife and mother when I am in a good place and these 3 small changes help put me in that direction.  I hope that you too find some inspiration in making small changes that amount to one big positive change because having a good day and feeling great about it is everything!


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