Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Trolls Trunk or Treat

As my kids get older, it seems like there are more and more Halloween festivities we are attending.   Add in that my sons birthday is the 29th and we are slammed!  I was a little hesitant to add on Trunk or Treat to my plate but I had never done one before so I was excited to participate!  Me and the kids decided on a Trolls theme pretty quickly and after that it was off to the drawing board.  I got on Pinterest to search for some inspiration and ideas and I soon realized that there just wasn't much that I could find.  There were a few good ones but not much information or close ups.  I am always the do-it-yourselfer when it comes to these kinds of things so I wanted to make sure I went all out on this one and document all of it!  So without further ado, here is my Trolls trunk!

Trolls Trunk or Treat

I wanted my trunk to be super bright and colorful with some sort of green background to complement the scenery in the movie.  The Trolls Tree was the idea behind my scenery so I used 2 plastic tablecloths in different shades of green for the backdrops.  (I recommend lime green and kelly green.)  I drew the tree out on poster board and painted it using 4 shades of green.  To replicate the highlight and shadows of the tree in the movie, I dabbed the paint on with a sponge and buffed/smoothed it out with a paper towel.  The tear drop papers handing were made out of bright card stock that I drew freehand and cut out.   The big creepy flowers were great colorful accents to go with the rainbow streamers on the sides of the car which made such a statement as you were approaching!  I used blue painters tape to attach the streamers and was totally safe using it on my car.  I also wanted to include some significant characters and scenes from the movie so I, of course, had to make Cloud Guy!  

How to make Trolls Cloud Guy

For Cloud Guy, I sketched him out on a piece of white poster board, cut him out and glued cotton stuffing to the poster board with a hot glue gun.  His eyes, mouth, hands and feet are all made with sheets of felt that is glued to poster board.  For the arms, I glue a wood skewer to the back to make them a little more firm and not so floppy.

Trolls Logo

The Trolls sign I also sketched on poster board.  I just took the cover of the movie and replicated the font.  Once I cut out the letters, I glued silver glitter cardstock to the poster board.  I attached wood skewers to the backs of the letters and stuck them in a styrofoam block to make them stand upright.

The big creepy flowers were also made of felt and poster board.  I had long stems that were attached but the wind was not in my favor this day. :(

And now for the best part....


When I decided on the Trolls theme, I knew I HAD to dress up and really go all out!

DIY Trolls Poppy Costume

I made the entire costume and I am so happy with the turn out!  My dress is felt that I sewed together with a straight stitch on the sides and shoulders.  I hot glued all of the accents on using leftover felt from the trunk.  My headpiece was the best part of the costume!  It was fairly easy to make using just a few products.  I used pink pipe cleaners to make the shape of the headpiece.  I wrapped 2 around my head, attaching them together so that it was tight and stayed in place on my head.  Then I attached vertical pieces of pipe cleaner that all came together at the top and wrapped another pipe cleaner around all of the ends to keep them together.  All of the vertical pipe cleaners were attached to the headpiece by simply wrapping them around it.  Hopefully all of this makes sense by looking at the picture below!  Once the headpiece was made, I wrapped strips of hot pink tulle around the headpiece bringing them up vertically with the vertical pipe cleaners.  I did this by taking a long piece of tulle, folding it in half and looping the ends through the center fold in the tulle.  (If this part doesn't make sense then search Tulle Skirt Tutorial on Pinterest and it should explain it better.)  Once the tulle was covering the entire perimeter of the headpiece, I brought all of the ends up together the same way I did the pipe cleaners, and tied a piece of tulle around the ends to keep them upright and together.  For the felt floral headband, I cut everything out and glued the pieces on with my hot glue gun.  

Poppy was such a hit, you guys!  I can't tell you how many pictures I took with kids or with my trunk!  My makeup was my favorite part, even if I did forget to put on my lashes lol.  I used this lip stick & lip liner combo.  I used the lip liner for my eyebrows, nose and lips.  I used this white liner to make the dots on my cheeks.
Me with my sweet girl holding our trophy!  I got 2nd place :)

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