Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Thank Heaven and the Stars for little girls

It's still so surreal to me that I have a little girl.  Growing up with my sister, I always envisioned having girls because that was all I knew.  Then after having 2 boys, I didn't really know what the future held when it came to having another.  When my husband and I found out we were expecting a third, we went ahead and assumed it was another boy and I was actually pretty excited about it.  I will never forget the phone call from the doctor when they called to give me my 12 week screening results...and also the gender.  I COULD NOT BELIEVE IT.  A girl!  We were having a little girl.
She is so much more to us than we could have ever dreamed of.  To say that she completes our family is an understatement.  Now that she is almost 2, I hate to say that it is absolutely flying by and it makes me so sad.  Every single day with her is amazing and there are so many things about these early years that I want to lock in my memory and never forget.  Her little feet, the fountain on the top of her head that was just like mine as a little girl, her blankey and stuffed animals, her nursery, her big blue eyes and cute little smile. 
One of my most cherished keepsakes in Callie's nursery is a custom star map that I have framed above her crib.  GreaterSkies creates the most beautiful maps of the stars that can be personalized with your special date, place and time.  They recently launched their new new Little Stars line that shows the stars and constellation on the day that your child is or will be born!  As soon as I saw the beautiful pink and mulberry colors of the girls print, I knew it would be perfect for a sentimental piece in her nursery!
I love the personalization that we went with for Callie's print!  It means so much to me and really puts into words how we feel for her.  The prints come in 3 color options and you can personalize your print with anything you want.  You also have the option to download your print or have it framed and shipped.  We had ours framed and I can't say enough about the quality!  It is top notch and definitely exceeded my expectations!
You will forever be our brightest shining star, baby girl.

GreaterSkies prints are the perfect keepsake for any important date.  The Little Stars line makes for such a sweet and sentimental piece to have in your own home or would make for a unique personalized baby shower gift!
Here is a better look at my personalized print so that you can see the true color and detail.  The colors are stunning!
If you are interested in your own print, GreaterSkies is offering a 25% discount on any printed or printed and framed maps!  All you need to do is click HERE and enter the code FALL25 at checkout!


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