Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Labor Day Weekend Recap

The Memorial Day Weekend before last, Loyal and I wanted to take the kids to New Orleans to visit family for the extended holiday weekend.   Before we decided on New Orleans, we were torn between doing that or going to the beach.  We ended up stopping in Pensacola, Florida on the way to New Orleans and it was such a great time and a perfect way to make both trips work!  We got a system down where we would leave Thursday afternoon, stay one night and do the beach before we drove to New Orleans during nap time.  Finding ourselves in the same predicament this Labor Day weekend, wanting to see family but also wanting to squeeze in one more beach trip before summer ends, we decided to do another trip incorporating both.  Switching things up a little, we went to Gulf Shores, Alabama this year and we loved it!  It was such a cute little beach town, equipped with bright, colorful restaurants and store fronts, giving us all the beach vibes we were in need of while driving through.  

The night that we were there, we went to The Gulf which is the coolest restaurant that is made out of shipping containers!  It honestly had the best view of the ocean and the coolest vibe with lots of outdoor seating areas in the sand.  It definitely exceeded our expectations for Gulf Shores and because of this place alone, we will absolutely be back!  The food was great, the scenery was amazing and the whole family had a blast!
The kids ran around laughing and playing while Loyal and I had cocktails waiting on our food.  Callie was a total maniac and refused to even sit down at the table for dinner, continuing to run circles instead.  She was wild!  It was also the cutest thing to watch her reaction to the ocean.  She's really into Moana right now and although she's been to the beach before, I think this was the first time that she recognized it as something she knew of.  She kept pointing to the ocean and saying "Moana!"  Seriously the cutest!!!  Other than that, she was a speed of blur the entire time!
Above would be a demonstration of us forcing Callie to be still for just 2 seconds.  SHE. IS. CRAZY.

The next morning we got up early, had breakfast and went down to the beach for a bit.  The kids always love playing at the beach and obviously Loyal and I can't complain!  Even if it was just for one short afternoon, we had so much fun and it made the extra stop so worth it.  
Sticking to our routine, we went to lunch before heading out.  There were a lot of recommendation for The Hangout which was equally as cool as dinner the night before.  With large open windows facing the most picturesque beach view and the cutest decor throughout the restaurant, this place was perfection.  It was great for lunch but I could definitely tell it's a fun party for dinner!  We will most definitely be back!

Making a quick ice cream stop after lunch, we drove into New Orleans Friday afternoon to spend Labor Day Weekend with family.  We took it easy this trip and didn't do too much.  Normally we would take the kids down to the quarter for beignets or to do something fun and exciting but quality time was our main focus.  Loyal and I did manage to sneak away for a date night and it was such a great time.  We went to one of our favorite Mexican restaurants, Johnny Sanchez, and omg it was amazing!  We couldn't stop talking about how good the food was, how incredible the drinks were (hello frozen watermelon margarita!) and what a great time we had over all.  It was exactly what we needed after not having a date night in a while.
Hope you all had a safe and fun Labor Day! Xo

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