Monday, August 6, 2018

Hello, Kindergarten!

Last week was a huge milestone for our family as we sent our first born off to Kindergarten!  It feels like just yesterday that Loyal and I were nervously driving home from the hospital and now here we are, 5 years later.  We have anticipated this day all summer and Loyal was just ecstatic and so so proud!  I have watched so many of my friends send their kids to kindergarten and now that I have experienced it myself, it is such a mix of emotions.  I am so beyond proud of Loyal and excited for him to start this next chapter but it is so hard to see your baby slip away right before your eyes.  He is growing up so fast and has become the sweetest and charming little boy.  I love watching him grow and learn and go through life even if it breaks my heart a little.  Where did my baby go?!  
We made Loyal's first day a big family affair.  We loaded everyone up in the car so that we could all go and send him off on his very first day.  The drop off went really well!  There were nerves but excitement too.  Loyal bravely walked right into his classroom making us all so proud!  Once he was in and getting settled with the rest of the kids, the 4 of us made the long and quiet walk back to the car.  It was definitely weird without Loyal but we all made it with dry eyes!  From that point on, our day went on as it normally does.  We stayed busy and went through our normal routine until it was time to start stalking the schools Facebook for departure updates and loading up the wagon.  We were all so giddy with excitement waiting for Loyal at the bus stop.  After what felt like a lifetime, we finally saw that big yellow bus turn the corner and come down the road!  Loyal was the last one off the bus and had the biggest beaming smile!  The littles were squealing with excitement to have their big brother back.  We all took turns giving him the biggest hugs and telling him how much we all missed him.  On the walk home, my husband and I took turns firing off all of the questions.  "So, HOW WAS IT??!!" "What did you learn today?!" "Did you like the bus?!" "How was the cafeteria?!" "Do you like your teachers?!"  We wanted to know everything and all we got were very tired one word answers.  Loyal was absolutely wiped out!  All in all, he said his first day was "AWESOME!"
It's funny how we go through the cycles of the school year.  Every Spring we wish so hard for school to be over and summer break to begin only to turn around and be so ready for the school year once again.  This summer seemed like a constant battle of "Do I attempt to take the kids out for a fun day when no one listens or behaves in public and we all end up in tears on the drive home?" and "Lets just stay home and see how long it will take for the screaming, fighting, whining and crying to drive me up the wall today!"  I never did come to the conclusion of which one was easier (or dumber!) and instead decided that you're just damned if you do and damned if you don't.  I will say though, the summers do get easier as they come.  With Callie a little older this year, we had a lot more fun this summer than last and I am a little sad to see that go.  All in all, summer break was good to us this year!

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