Friday, June 15, 2018

B. Spectacled

B. Spectacled is your newest luxury eyewear boutique located in downtown Alpharetta.  From the modern design to the high fashion brands, this store delivers all of the charm and comfort you need for your upscale eyewear experience.  Let them pour you a drink, relax and have fun shopping for your fabulous new glasses! 
Where simplicity meets luxury, B. Spectacled carries a wide variety of exclusive luxury brands leaving you with the best selection of eyewear in the North Atlanta area.  When it comes to choosing a high end pair of sunglasses, I prefer more of a personal experience.  I want to be sure that I am making the best selection for what fits my face and enhances my personal style.  B. Spectacled offers individual, one-on-one styling with their expert frame stylists to ensure that you leave with frames that best fit your facial features as well as your lifestyle!
I sat down with Brittany to find my new pair of sunglasses.  She hand selected several options that she felt worked well with the shape of my face.  She provided a mix of lenses that were what I would usually gravitate towards as well as ones that were out of my comfort zone.  What I love most about getting a personal experience while shopping is that you try things that you normally wouldn't.  I was blown away at how well each and every item she pulled for me looked!  Brittany has such a great eye for knowing what works for you and really giving you a unique experience.
So which ones did I go with? The Chloe!
50 Canton Street
Suite 112
Alpharetta, GA 30009

A huge thank you to B. Spectacled for working with me on this post!


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