Monday, May 14, 2018

The best Mother's Day yet

All I wanted for Mother's Day this year was to work in the front yard while the kids played outside.  We all love to get some fresh air and run through the grass barefoot, especially when summer is just kicking off and the grass is finally soft and green again after a long winter.  We woke up Sunday morning with kids piled on top of us, squealing and
rolling around all over our bed.  The kids gave me my Mother's Day cards which is always exciting for them to do the giving.  Loyal is so great about getting cards that light up or do something fun that gets the kids into it.  We took our time getting up and dressed, per my request, before we headed off for breakfast.  Leading up to Mother's Day, I had been craving homestyle pancakes that could only be found at a the cutest little breakfast spot so we ventured off to fulfill that!  With full bellies and sugar rushed kids, we stopped on the way home for my knockout roses that would soon line the sidewalk to our house.  While Loyal and I manned the yard, the kids ran through the sprinklers, did sidewalk chalk and filled the background noise with more squeals and laughter than we woke up with.  This was exactly what I wanted for Mother's Day.  All of us playing outside as a family and having the best day.  The kids had an absolute blast and Loyal and I couldn't be more proud and happy with the work we did in the yard.  Sometimes it's nice to just slow down and focus on family.  That's what we did this year and it was the best Mother's Day yet. 


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