Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Easter Weekend Recap

Easter has come and gone but it was an Easter to remember, nonetheless.  We had a busy, fun filled weekend with family in town and a continuous flow of festivities.  Loyal's parents came in town Friday afternoon.  This is the second year in a row they have come up to spend Easter with us and it is becoming a really fun tradition!  We usually
make the most of our time with them here, going out to eat and showing them some of the areas around Atlanta where we love to spend our time.  We took them to Avalon for dinner Friday night and walked around for a bit.  Avalon is definitely one of our favorite spots so it was fun to show them that area!  It was a little chilly so we skipped Jeni's ice cream and made a stop in the candy store instead.  Saturday morning we did a mini Easter egg hunt in the back yard.  I thought for sure that Callie would catch on quickly but she was much more interested in running full speed toward the front of the house so that we had to chase her.  She is definitely our wild one!  On Sunday morning we  continued our Easter brunch tradition at Ray's at Killer Creek.  Their brunch is amazing and we always leave feeling so stuffed!  

The boys were off of school on Good Friday so we woke up early, got dressed up and made a visit to the Easter bunny!  Everyone did really well last year so I was hopeful for another great visit this year.  We were one of the first ones there so we were able to spend a lot of time with the bunny and really try for some good pics!  The boys love the Easter bunny and immediately went right up to him.  Callie watched and seemed interested in going up to him just as she saw her brothers do.  When I picked her up to put her on his lap, I must have hit her shoe because you can see that the one on the left is coming off of her heel a bit.  If there is one thing that this girl loves, it's her shoes!  Every time one comes off she brings it to me to put it back on.  She must have noticed her shoe, although I didn't at the time, and then I messed with her bow and then she turned around and realized that she was sitting on this giant bunny's lap and that's when it was over for her.  Luckily the first shot turned out pretty good because right after that, she lost it.  We tried again to no avail so the boys got to take a picture with the Easter bunny and it came out so great!  (I love how Roman's expression in the first 2 pictures is just like a man being forced to take pictures lol!)
On Saturday night, I invited my parents over for a big Easter dinner.  I spent the entire day cooking in the kitchen but it ended up being so worth it once we sat down and enjoyed a good home cooked meal.  Everyone LOVED my Easter tablescape this year!  
My dress is from Target and my shoes are Louboutin.

Hope everyone had a great Easter!  

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