Tuesday, March 27, 2018

See the line where the sky meets the sea, it calls me

Our trip to the beach last week was Callie's first time in the sand where she wasn't actually sleeping in a baby beach tent.  Unsure of what to expect with her since this age can be a little tricky, we went down feeling positive that she would play right along side her brothers.  She seemed a little unsure about the sand at first, pulling her feet up when
I would try to put her down.  I finally just plopped her right down in a little puddle of water next to the other babies, handed her a shovel and she was good to go, just as I figured she would be.

The next day though was quite the different story.  She played in the sand as she did the day before but after about 10 minutes, she was bored and looking for something else to do.  I showed her that it was ok to stand in the sand thinking that maybe she was wanting to be more mobile rather than sitting in one spot.  Taking a minute to let her feet adjust to the sand, she took a couple timid steps and that's when she noticed the water.  She was in awe and it was like something came over her and she was drawn to the ocean.  We walked over and I held her hands as we approached the edge of the waves lapping up to our feet.  I thought for sure that the water would be too cold for her little piggies but boy was I wrong!  She LOVED it.  And by loved it, I mean full on charging the ocean with not an ounce of fear on her face.  She was giggling and laughing hysterically as each wave crashed onto her tiny legs.   
It wasn't long before my entire body was burning.  My back, arms, legs, absolutely everything was on fire from leaning over to hold onto her.  I would carry her back up to the chairs while she kicked and screamed to get down, hoping that we could play in the sand with the other kids but nope, she wasn't having it.  The second I put her down she was running full speed straight back to the water, dodging me as I would try to block her from the ocean, juking left and right as if she were on the high school football team.  This little girl is fierce and Moana is her spirit animal!
We are so in for it with this little firecracker.  I thought having 2 boys kept me on my toes but she is definitely giving them a run for their money.  And to make this story even better, my mom said I did the same exact thing when I was little.  My mom laughed through the entire story and when she finally caught her breath she simply said, "this brings me so much joy."  Proof that motherhood always comes full circle.


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