Friday, March 23, 2018

How I got bikini ready in 6 weeks

Once we had our annual girls beach trip booked, I knew I wanted to get back in shape.  After slacking quite a bit over Christmas and the New Year, it was time to really buckle down.  By combining diet and 2 exercise programs, I saw great results in just 6 weeks.  One of the biggest changes that I made was cleaning up my diet significantly.  I cut out
all sweets, cut back on carbs and ate extremely clean otherwise.  You can read more in depth about my diet here

Before I got pregnant with Callie, I had done a few rounds of a Squat Challenge and absolutely loved the way it changed my body.  What I didn't expect from the challenge was that it helped to tone my whole body rather than just my legs and glutes.  I wanted to try something new so my girlfriends and I all started BBG (Bikini Body Guide) by Kayla Itsines around the middle of January.  BBG is designed to do 28 minute workouts which is very convenient and effective for working out in under an hour.  This was my first time doing this program and while I do like it, I realized after about 2 weeks in that I wanted to see bigger and faster results.  If I didn't have the beach trip coming up, I probably would have continued with BBG the way it was but I decided to add in the Squat Challenge for more results.

BBG's schedule was basically Monday: Legs, Wednesday: Arms & Abs, and Friday: Full Body.  The only day in BBG that I didn't care for was leg day.  It wasn't enough for me after doing the Squat Challenge which is much more targeted and intense.  The Squat Challenge is about an hour long workout, 3 days a week.  I have both the 8 and 16 week home editions.  Here is how I added in the Squat Challenge and adjusted the BBG schedule to fit my liking.

Monday: Squat Challenge
Tuesday: BBG Arms & Abs
Wednesday: Rest
Thursday: BBG Full Body
Friday: Squat Challenge

Adding in the 2 long leg days opposed to the one 30 minute workout made a huge difference.  My main focus with working out is glutes and abs and this schedule helped me achieve both.  After having my third baby, I desperately needed to tone up my stomach again and my behind was looking a little sad and droopy. (LOL!)  Like I said above, I really like the BBG program especially for full body and the abs are great but I was going for more of an "Instagram Booty" if you get what I'm saying. ;)
One thing I will say that I absolutely LOVE about the BBG program is the ab workouts!  They have completely transformed my midsection.  By the time I took these pictures, I had already started eating like I was on vacation (which is just a little more relaxed than normal) but below you can see a picture of a week before when my abs were the most cut they have ever been in my entire life.  Very proud of those because they were hard earned!!!
Great news!!!  This amazing black bikini was restocked in all sizes!  Runs a little small so size up.  I'm wearing a 10 in the top and 8 in the bottom.



  1. Thanks for the great post.

  2. Which of The Squat Challenge guides did you use? It looks like they have multiple.


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