Wednesday, February 7, 2018

How to do a romantic Valentine's Day at home

I can't remember if Loyal and I ever used to go out on Valentine's Day to celebrate.  Before we had kids, we were either working on Valentine's Day or didn't want to deal with everywhere being so crowded and most likely on a wait.  Since having kids, going out hasn't even been a consideration.  Sure, we could get a sitter but to be honest,
we enjoy celebrating holidays as a family.
The kids are learning and celebrating Valentine's Day at school so I want to make our night at home a little more special than a normal Wednesday evening.  I started brainstorming a couple weeks ago and decided to do a romantic tablescape that would get everyone excited for Valentine's Day.  I went with black and blush as my color scheme to create a soft, romantic, and moody setting.
I decided to challenge myself with this one and try something other than my usual centerpiece of eucalyptus greenery.  To avoid the husband questioning whether or not I "needed another table runner," I had to get creative.  I wanted a really romantic feel to the table and envisioned something sheer and pink, unlike a traditional table runner.  I actually found this one in the dollar section at Target!  It was an infinity scarf in the most perfect shade of blush.  It was only $3 and exactly what I was looking for so I bought it and cut it along the seam so that it would lay flat!
I went with 2 bouquets for this tablescape, mixing light and bright pink, on either side of this candelabra centerpiece.  A lot of candles were a must for this setting and black was the perfect accent to set a romantic tone.
A single rose at each place setting is a fun accent!  The bright pink really pops against the Hearth & Hand napkins.
I am so pleased with how this table turned out.  There is just something different and unique about eating in the dining room.  We don't do it often and it's always exciting when we do.  Having a festive tablescape really makes each holiday or occasion all the more special.   Hopefully my table will inspire anyone else who may be celebrating their Valentine's Day in this year to kick it up a notch and do something special for your significant other. :)

I linked everything I used for my tablescape below!


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