Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Happy Valentine's Day!

I have to say, these might just be my favorite pictures ever!!!  I love getting festive with the kids for holidays and Valentine's Day couldn't have been a more perfect opportunity to buy myself some red roses and force the kids to pose for pictures that I will forever cherish.  I initially had other outfits in mind for the kids, like
hand-made bow ties, but instead found myself ripping the tags off these new shirts right before I pulled my camera out.  I swear, my life will always be behind.  The boys look so handsome in these pictures and Callie is just a little doll!
Callie has officially entered the phase of being too busy to sit still for pictures.  The only reason I managed to get one good shot with her in it is because I gave her a screw to play with.  It worked for about 3 seconds!
This would be where the shoot took a turn towards some sort of intimate serenade. LOL!!!
And throwing this last one in here just in case you thought that all of my pictures came out perfect. :)
Happy Valentine's Day, everyone! Xo


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