Friday, February 9, 2018

Friday Favs: Lipstick Staples!

I never used to be a lipstick kind of girl.  It was shortly after I had Roman that I came across a blog post talking about lipstick and how she felt so much better while wearing it, with or without makeup.  She mentioned how it made her feel more put together even if she, in fact, hadn't done very much to look presentable.  A coverup, if you will.
 There I was feeling like it had been so long since I had felt "presentable" and I thought to myself, you know what, I'm going to try this.  I went and bought a couple of cheap lipsticks from the grocery store, subtle pinks so not to scare myself passing by a mirror.  I wore them around the house for a few days to get used to seeing myself with color on my lips and eventually, I felt pretty comfortable wearing lipstick.  

This may seem silly to give this much backstory about something as simple as lipstick but for those who know that period of postpartum where you are feeling particularly insecure and disheveled, searching for anything to get you out of your sour milk smelling pajama slump that you are in, then you can probably see how this can be a turning point.  That's right where I was at and lipstick was a bit of a revelation for me!  This is really what sparked my love for makeup and more so, lipstick.  Now I feel naked without color on my lips when I do my make up and in my opinion, it really pulls the whole look together.  When it comes to lipstick, there are a few that I absolutely love and find myself reaching for most often.  From everyday colors to nudes to bold reds, here are my lipstick staples.
The first, and probably the one that I wear most often, is MAC Kinda Sexy.  It's a creamy matte lipstick that is an orangey-pink shade.  I wear this as a nude and I really feel like it would compliment many skin tones as it is subtle but a little more pigmented than a true nude.  I love that this is a creamy matte because when it wears off, it wears off more evenly than some other mattes.  I like this in situations where my lipstick doesn't look silly after I eat and when it wears off throughout the day, it doesn't leave my lips stained.  It's my go-to for an every day lip!  

When it comes to matte's, there are so many different formulas.  Some are super dry and long lasting while others are more on the creamy side, like the MAC Kinda Sexy.  My favorite taupe, and one of my favorite matte's, is Child Star by Too Faced.  This is from their Melted Matte line and the formula is just so good.  It goes on so smooth and creamy before drying to a true matte finish.  I would describe the color as a pinkish-taupe, but not a drab taupe, and pretty much a home run for the monochromatic movement that is neutrals right now.

Now for the reds.  Ohhhh how I love a good red lip.  I could actually do a whole other post dedicated to my favorite red lipsticks because I have quite a few different shades of reds that I love love love.   I like a pop of color with any outfit and lipstick is a great way to achieve that fun pop!  I seem to always gravitate towards red mostly because it's a year-round color but also because there is no shade that is as classic as red when it comes to lipstick.  Different shades of red work better in certain seasons but as far as my favorite true red, MAC Red is it.  It's a satin finish and is actually a red that doesn't stain your lips!  While some reds are more orangey and some more merlot, this shade is just as it is named, " MAC Red."  Classic, timeless, and romantic, this is the red I love most.
(I'm wearing this one in the top pic)  

Lastly, and I know this isn't an actual lipstick, but the NYX Retractable Lipliner in Nude is something that I absolutely cannot live without.  I use this to line my lips with most all of my lipsticks and sometimes I even cover all of my lips with it and wear it as a lipstick.  It's the perfect shade of nude and really just helps to keep everything in line while applying lipstick.  Seriously, I order this in bulk because I love it that much.

For those interested, I linked everything I'm wearing above.
Have a great weekend, everyone!


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