Monday, February 26, 2018

All about the hair

Ok friends, this post is dedicated to everything HAIR!  Every time I have a baby, I end up wanting to do something different to my hair.  Throughout pregnancy and the early months of the first year, I tend to neglect my hair leaving it feeling long, stringy, faded, and just overall plain.  This time around I was ready to
go lighter and longer!  

Here is what I did...

I started adding highlights to my hair about a year ago.  It has been somewhat of a subtle process but I knew that this time I wanted to go much lighter.  I was ready for Spring/Summer hair!  I started going to my sister's girl, Amber, who works at Melrose & McQueen in the highlands.  You guys, she's literally incredible.  I honestly can't say enough great things about her and how talented she is.  My sisters hair is always on point and i mean ALWAYS!  Amber just delivers every single time and they time she blew me away.  I'm pretty sure that this was the first time I have ever left a salon feeling like my hair was everything I've ever wanted in hair. 

I took my extensions to my appointment with me and Amber color matched them.  I normally see people color match their extensions to their hair but I did the opposite because I bought my extensions already colored. (A risky move but I will get to that part next.)  I told Amber that I wanted to leave a little dark in my hair to add a more dimension and let the extensions be the bright pops of blonde.  This color is pretty light for me and I'm always a little nervous to go this light but having the extensions to add in gives me the exact color I was going for without having to color mine more than I did.
I have the Bellami Balayage by Guy Tang clip-in extensions in color #4/18.   I went back and forth for a while on whether to go this light but I'm glad I did.  I got them over Christmas and didn't wear them much because I needed my hair colored to match them better.  It says in the description that these will match a wide range of natural brunette to blondes and I would say that is true.  

My hair has gotten pretty long and is still thick from my pregnancy with Callie.  When I curl it, I feel like I lose a little bit of the thickness.  I would catch myself pulling all of my hair to the front so that it looked fuller straight on but then I wouldn't have any hair in the back.  The extensions solve that problem by adding so much more thickness all around!  I also like wearing extensions because they seem to hold curl so much better than my hair does.  Since the curls are all mixed in, my hair stays styled longer. 
I feel like this might be kind of hard to explain without pictures or videos but I will try my best.  My extensions were already curled when I took them in so Amber curled my hair one section at a time as she was putting them in.  She wrapped my hair loosely around a curling iron (not using the clamp, as if it were a wand) and held it for a few seconds.  This gave a loose and wavy curl rather than a tight curl that a curling iron would normally give when using the clamp.  She started with the very bottom of my hair right by the base of my neck, curled that, and then put the weft (extension piece) in.  She would then section off where the next one would go and repeat that process again.

If you have never curled your hair by wrapping it around the wand, try it!  It's one of my favorite ways to style my hair.  There are so many great tutorials on YouTube.  And for those of you who are persuading me to do a tutorial of my own, I am probably going to do that soon!  What else do you guys want to see?  I was thinking about a video on how I put my extensions in with tips and tricks that I've figured out over the years.  Would that be helpful to anyone?  Let me know!

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