Wednesday, February 21, 2018

A mini trip to Greenville!

Last weekend we did a mini overnight trip to Greenville, South Carolina!  It was our first time in Greenville and it really was the cutest little city.  I had a hair appointment Saturday morning so we left later that afternoon and got to Greenville around 4.  Coming from Atlanta, the drive was super quick and easy. The kids slept on the way there which
ended up being a huge blessing because we had them up way past their bedtime that night!  One of my very best friends moved to Greenville a while back and her little boys first birthday was the perfect opportunity to visit.  She had her baby just a month after I had Callie and it was so adorable seeing them play together while we were there.  All of the kids had an absolute blast and wore themselves out to the fullest!

We got a hotel for the night which is nothing short of exhilarating for the kids.  I don't know if it's that we are all sleeping in the same room or just that we are somewhere new but we all seem to love the excitement of a hotel stay every now and then.  I know my favorite part is the blackout curtains giving us our only chance at the kids actually sleeping in for a change!  Once we all woke up, we told the kids that we had to get ready so that we could check out downtown before we had to head home.  Loyal looked at us half confused/half upset and said with the saddest little voice, "but we haven't gone to the beach yet."  LOL!!! Soon buddy, very soon.
Downtown was so pretty and such a cool city to visit.  We had breakfast at a cute little restaurant right when you get in to the downtown.  After breakfast, we walked all around the park and the kids were infatuated with the bridge and the river flowing over the rocks.  The weather was absolutely perfect with blue skies and temps in the 60's.  So many people were out and about, walking around and lunching on patios.  The park was beautiful even at the end of winter so I can't even imagine how breathtaking it would be when everything is green and alive again.  
The awning in the background is Passerelle, the cutest little French Bistro who's patio overlooks the park and the river.  Loyal and I would love to go back one day, maybe without kids, and really enjoy a nice peaceful lunch like we saw everyone else doing as we passed by.  We miss those days!
This picture above is the handiwork of my 4 year old, who grabbed the DSLR and started snapping.  I gave him a quick 10 second tutorial of looking through the viewfinder and holding the right button down.  To my surprise, he actually got some pretty good pics for a newbie!  He is so cute. :)


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