Tuesday, January 9, 2018

We have a new photographer in the house...

I feel like I'm in the minority when I say this but up until a couple months ago, I  have never ever dropped and shattered my iPhone.  I have no idea how I've been lucky enough to escape that because I've dropped so many phones, so many times but none of them have ever shattered.  I have in fact lost 2 phones, but never shattered.  (I was pregnant both times I lost my phone, by the way.  Damn pregnancy brain!)  My luck eventually ran out and I shattered my first one getting out of my car in the Kroger parking lot.  It slipped right out of my hand and fell to the ground in slow motion, shattering the second it hit the concrete.  I felt like I couldn't even be mad about it because I had been so fortunate to avoid that for so long.  I eventually went to AT&T to get a new one and upgraded to the 8 so it ended up working out.  
Since getting my new phone, the kids have been INFATUATED with it.  They've gone through their phases before but right now Loyal is on the most adorable kick with photography and I love it!  He asks to borrow my phone to take pictures all the time.  Going through the million pictures that he takes is quite interesting to say the least.  He is so cute though and the fact that he gets his creative and artistic side from me makes it hard to say no to him!
Now that I can't seem to keep my phone away from all the little hands around the house, I needed a really durable case because I am NOT shattering this one!  Cellairis offers an amazing bundle package that includes a case and a screen protector for when you drop your phone AND they will fix your screen for free if it breaks!  ALSO, the bundle package comes with a 3 year unlimited repair gaurantee meaning that they will repair your screen free of cost no matter how many times you break your phone during that time.  As soon as I heard about this deal I was like SIGN ME UP!!!  Cellairis offers tons of cute phone cases in that are extremely durable yet not near as bulky as some of the others out there.  I went with the rose gold and white since I am clearly still on this blush trend.

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