Friday, January 12, 2018

Happy Birthday, sweet girl

I didn't plan on posting today but I suddenly felt compelled to sit down and write so hopefully my little girl will be able to look back one day and read about what was running through her moms head on the morning of her first birthday. 
Growing up with a sister, I lived my whole life thinking I would have 2 girls just like me and my sister.  It's funny how life plans work out.  Sometimes you get just that and other times life throws you the opposite.  I knew nothing about baby boys before I had Loyal but for some reason, maternal instinct maybe, it felt right from the second he was born.  I spent 4 years as a boy mom and motherhood as I knew it, revolved around 2 wild little boys!  When we found out we were having a girl it seemed unreal.  I don't know if it ever really sunk in and sometimes Loyal and I still find ourselves saying how crazy it is.
At 11:27 on this day, just one year ago, you came into our world  You decided you were ready to be here and you came out QUICK!  We didn't realize at the time that this depicts your personality perfectly.  You know what you want and you get it, girl!  You love to be right in the center of everything, as long as you are with us.  Although it seemed that I may never get to experience life of a girl, you have quickly surpassed everything I could have ever dreamed it would be.  You light up our world and bring so much joy to our lives.  You may be petite but you sure pack in a big personality in that little body!  You are so happy, silly, sweet, playful, and quite the little firecracker.  You are assertive, demanding, even bossy at times, and have determination like I've never seen.  Your favorite word is "DAT" while pointing to any and everything that you want.  Your intelligence continues to amaze us every day.  You smile from ear to ear, mostly at your brothers and the twinkle in your eye brings a happiness that is contagious.  You are just as infatuated with your family as we are with you.
As I sit and reflect on this past year and how quickly it flew by, I feel so many emotions.  I cry thinking back to the moment you were born and am so beyond grateful to have you in my life.  You have changed me and shaped me once again into the mother and woman that I am today.  You are my best friend, my mini-me, and my biggest dream come true.  I would never have appreciated having a girl as much as I do now if I had had you first.  Being able to watch you bond with your brothers and grow an irreplaceable relationship with both of them is pure magic.    
Happy birthday, precious little girl.  You will conquer the world one day, I just know it. 

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