Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Flower Crown Tutorial

Hey guys!  I've had a couple tutorial requests since posting me and Callie's flower crown pictures so here we are!  These were relatively easy to make and definitely didn't take that long.  I went with my usual DIY approach which consists of skimming over a couple different tutorials that I found on Pinterst, forgetting everything I on my list while actually at Michaels, and then winging it with what I had once I got home.  So without further ado, let's get started!

What you need:
Floral wire
Floral tape
Greenery (optional)
Wire cutters
Hot glue gun (may or may not need this)

How to make it:
The first thing I did was measure my head and make a base(?) I guess that's what you would call it??  Anyway, I'm sure some sort of rope or twine would have worked better here but like I said above, I was not at all organized while I was at Michaels.  I took the wire and wrapped it about 3 times to make it a little more sturdy and then wrapped all of it with green floral tape to keep everything together.  
I actually think that the wire might have worked in my favor because I was able to mold it and shape it on my head just the way I wanted it.  This was especially helpful for Callie's little head. :)

Once I had the wire wrapped in tape entirely, I was ready to start adding flowers.  I trimmed the stems down to about an inch in length.  First I wrapped wire tightly around the stems to secure it the flower in place.  Use pliers to pinch the end down so that it's not sharp.  After I did that, I wrapped the stems in green floral tape to cover everything.  This padded any sharp ends of the wire and made everything look a little cleaner.
One little tip here: the flowers kind of face either left or right.  On my crown you can see in the picture below where the direction changed.  I wanted that part to be on the side of my head rather than the front so pay attention to that while assembling the flowers.  It's not that noticeable but in case you are OCD like me.
I continued adding flowers until I felt like I had enough.  Next I added greenery to the sides of the crowns.  I used the same wire and tape method as above.  You can continue the greenery (or the flowers) all the way around the wire depending on how you want your crown to look.  The back of mine was bare because I didn't plan on that being seen.
Once I had everything attached and felt like my flower crown looked the way I wanted it to, I used my hot glue gun in a few areas that seemed like they needed a little extra help securing down.
That's it, guys!  This was so easy to make and because each crown comes out unique and different from the others, you really can't go wrong with this.  Feel free to comment below with any questions!
If you missed our flower crown shoot, you can see the rest of the pictures here.    


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