Monday, January 29, 2018

A flannel first birthday!

It seems that every time I've been pregnant, I have a couple friends who are pregnant at the same time.  Not only do we get to go through our pregnancies together but we get to celebrate our babies birthdays around the same time!  Each of my kids have a lot of birthdays around theirs and I love that.  This past weekend we went to celebrate our sweet friend Rhone turn the big ONE!  Him and Callie were born just 2 weeks apart.  (Me and Jessica's second round of babies born 2 weeks apart!)  I love watching the babies play together knowing that they are forming a friendship that they don't even realize yet!  So sweet to see them play together when they are so little.
Jessica did an amazing job decorating his party.  She went with a rustic theme equipped with woodsy naked cakes, s'mores and all of the buffalo plaid our little hearts could desire!  A perfect theme for a January winter baby!
I can't even with this girl! ^^ The smile, the dimples...stop it right now with that cuteness!   Jessica knows how I can get down with a themed party so I of course rounded up all of our plaid flannels and showed up looking #extra.
The boys played so hard outside the entire time and were pretty much just speeds of blur in every picture.  The rain didn't even phase them and they only came inside for cake.  Boys will be boys.
So many babies in our little group now!   And Roman coming through with the smile lol.  Thanks for having us, Jess!!

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