Monday, January 15, 2018

Callie's Smash Cake!

Smash cakes have become a first birthday tradition in our house.  We haven't had a first birthday party for any of our kids but instead I like to do a little photoshoot for their smash cake and I love this so much more.  With big birthday parties, I usually end up running around entertaining the whole time and hardly take any pictures.  Our smash cake sessions are always so much fun and such great pictures to look back on throughout the years.
I wanted to do a "naked cake" for this so I attempted one for the first time the morning of.  I am so happy with the way it came out and it was relatively easy to make.  There are so many different variations to naked cakes but I wanted mine partially naked.  More of a Maxim feel rather than full on Playboy, if you will. ;)  
While I was planning Callie's shoot, the boys had so many questions about it so I eventually pulled up their pictures and showed them.  They thought it was so funny and kept saying "That's me??!"  It was the cutest!
OK.  She can have anything she wants.  Those eyes. That face!  I die.  
When I did Roman's smash cake, Loyal wanted to jump in there with him so bad.  Once I felt like I had enough pictures (approximately 1,000 according to my husband) we let him get in too.  This time, I think the boys must have asked me 100 times if they could "have some now too?"  So of course, we let them get in and I think we were all eating the cake with our hands by the end of it!
The way Callie looks at Loyal.  I don't know if there is a more special bond than theirs.
I just can't express my gratitude enough for this girl.  When I look at these pictures, they are the pictures I used to put in my secret "Baby Girl" board on Pinterest that I've had for years.  Celebrating her first birthday was emotional for us and I can't tell you how many times my husband and I said over the weekend, "I can't believe she's really ours."  Our family is so lucky to have her!

Cake mix - Duncan Hines boxed strawberry cake
(I got 2 boxes and used 6" pans.  I divided each box between 2 pans giving me 4 layers.  I only used 3.)
Icing - Pillsbury White icing
Cake stand - HomeGoods
Flowers - Michaels
Mini String Lights - Amazon
Tutu - Amazon (Color - pink glitter)
Crown - Amazon


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