Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Flower Crown Tutorial

Hey guys!  I've had a couple tutorial requests since posting me and Callie's flower crown pictures so here we are!  These were relatively easy to make and definitely didn't take that long.  I went with my usual DIY approach which consists of skimming over a couple different tutorials that I found on Pinterst, forgetting everything I on my list while actually at Michaels, and then winging it with what I had once I got home.  So without further ado, let's get started!

What you need:
Floral wire
Floral tape
Greenery (optional)
Wire cutters
Hot glue gun (may or may not need this)

How to make it:
The first thing I did was measure my head and make a base(?) I guess that's what you would call it??  Anyway, I'm sure some sort of rope or twine would have worked better here but like I said above, I was not at all organized while I was at Michaels.  I took the wire and wrapped it about 3 times to make it a little more sturdy and then wrapped all of it with green floral tape to keep everything together.  
I actually think that the wire might have worked in my favor because I was able to mold it and shape it on my head just the way I wanted it.  This was especially helpful for Callie's little head. :)

Once I had the wire wrapped in tape entirely, I was ready to start adding flowers.  I trimmed the stems down to about an inch in length.  First I wrapped wire tightly around the stems to secure it the flower in place.  Use pliers to pinch the end down so that it's not sharp.  After I did that, I wrapped the stems in green floral tape to cover everything.  This padded any sharp ends of the wire and made everything look a little cleaner.
One little tip here: the flowers kind of face either left or right.  On my crown you can see in the picture below where the direction changed.  I wanted that part to be on the side of my head rather than the front so pay attention to that while assembling the flowers.  It's not that noticeable but in case you are OCD like me.
I continued adding flowers until I felt like I had enough.  Next I added greenery to the sides of the crowns.  I used the same wire and tape method as above.  You can continue the greenery (or the flowers) all the way around the wire depending on how you want your crown to look.  The back of mine was bare because I didn't plan on that being seen.
Once I had everything attached and felt like my flower crown looked the way I wanted it to, I used my hot glue gun in a few areas that seemed like they needed a little extra help securing down.
That's it, guys!  This was so easy to make and because each crown comes out unique and different from the others, you really can't go wrong with this.  Feel free to comment below with any questions!
If you missed our flower crown shoot, you can see the rest of the pictures here.    


Monday, January 29, 2018

A flannel first birthday!

It seems that every time I've been pregnant, I have a couple friends who are pregnant at the same time.  Not only do we get to go through our pregnancies together but we get to celebrate our babies birthdays around the same time!  Each of my kids have a lot of birthdays around theirs and I love that.  This past weekend we went to celebrate our sweet friend Rhone turn the big ONE!  Him and Callie were born just 2 weeks apart.  (Me and Jessica's second round of babies born 2 weeks apart!)  I love watching the babies play together knowing that they are forming a friendship that they don't even realize yet!  So sweet to see them play together when they are so little.
Jessica did an amazing job decorating his party.  She went with a rustic theme equipped with woodsy naked cakes, s'mores and all of the buffalo plaid our little hearts could desire!  A perfect theme for a January winter baby!
I can't even with this girl! ^^ The smile, the dimples...stop it right now with that cuteness!   Jessica knows how I can get down with a themed party so I of course rounded up all of our plaid flannels and showed up looking #extra.
The boys played so hard outside the entire time and were pretty much just speeds of blur in every picture.  The rain didn't even phase them and they only came inside for cake.  Boys will be boys.
So many babies in our little group now!   And Roman coming through with the smile lol.  Thanks for having us, Jess!!

Friday, January 26, 2018

Friday Favs: Winter Sales!

One thing I love to do is shop all of the end of season sales!  It's such a great time to get some killer deals on essentials.  I always try to get pieces that transition well into the next season since there is always that awkward time here in Georgia where it's winter in the morning and full on Spring by noon.

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9

I found quite a few great things on sale while browsing so I figured I would share!  Some of these I have been eyeing for a little while and finally scooped up for myself.  This coat!! It's so gorgeous and 40% off!! Such a great deal for a nice coat that will last you years.  I recently shared these Nike's on my Instagram.  I have them in black and love working out in them.  They are super comfy.  I love all of the jewelry that I linked and I know that those items are not on sale but they are such a great price.  And lastly, I always get a couple cheap pairs of sunglasses for summer so that if they get wet in the pool or the kids touch them, I won't be upset about it.  These are the best and only $14!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!  I will probably be doing some more shopping from the couch!   

Thursday, January 25, 2018

Elegant Envelopes

My niece is getting married this Spring and because I love doing creative things like addressing envelopes, I gladly offered to address her wedding invitations!  Her invitation is classic and elegant so I chose a font that would compliment her style.  I love the simplicity of the address font mixed with the feminine elegance of the calligraphy, 2 you can never go wrong with!  
Invitations are from Wedding Paper Divas.

**All addresses shown were modified or made up for the purpose of this post.


Monday, January 22, 2018

Flower Crowns

I have never in my life considered myself a "pink kinda girl."  I hardly, if ever, bought pink clothes and really just never gravitated towards the color.  When I found out that I was having a girl during my pregnancy, I started to embrace not just pink, but my inner feminine side.  I would say this is a good thing because I have changed in so many ways since then and have actually become really fond of pink!  I feel more girly and feminine now than ever before.  I probably would not have ever thought of doing a shoot with flower crowns and a pink tutu but now that I can share moments like this with my daughter, this softer side of me is such a big part of who I am today.   
I initially made Callie's flower crown for her smash cake shoot but ended up going in a different direction with that.  I had a bunch of flowers left over from her cake and I definitely didn't want her crown to go to waste.  I ended up making a flower crown for myself and what else to do but throw our crowns on and have ourselves a little photoshoot!
That would be a Spiderman in her hand.  She held onto that thing for dear life the entire time and at this age, you just have to roll with it.  Only a little girl with 2 big brothers would sneak a Spiderman into such girly pics. :)
My dress is from one of my best friends LulaRoe boutique, The Hope Chest,  and I am obsessed with it!  The fit is so flattering, the color is perfection, and my favorite part, IT HAS POCKETS!  She is having a sale on Facebook tonight with lots of great pieces, which you can access here.  My dress is called the Amelia and I am wearing an XS.

Callie's dress - Amazon
Callie's Shoes - Freshly Picked  
Flower Crowns - DIY by yours truly :)

Friday, January 19, 2018

Friday Favorites: Athletic Wear

Happy Friday everyone!  Today I am kicking off a new series called "Friday Favorites" where I will feature items that I am loving at the moment.  I will try to have a theme for each week that revolves around what's coming up, like swimsuit season, or just whatever I am into right now!

We are starting off this week with athletic clothes and I am super excited about it!  Loyal got me a bunch of new workout clothes for Christmas this year and it's always motivating for me to get new clothes to work out in.  I am usually running to the store and going through carpool on workout days so I still want to look somewhat put together even if I just finished my exercise.   Because it is January and everyone is still on the get-in-shape-this-year bandwagon, I figured this would be a perfect category to kick off the series with!
 I finally started my BBG program this week after being sick the entire beginning of the year.  I ended up taking a lot of time off at the end of last year and it feels so good to be back at it!  Breastfeeding has kept my weight down but I definitely have a lot of toning up to do.  I have seen such great results with BBG so I am really anxious to see mine.
Loyal got me these pants for Christmas and they quickly became one of my favorite pairs.  I know some people are super loyal to Nike and therefore hesitant to venture over to Adidas (talking to you, Morgan!) but if you do decide to make the switch, you won't regret it!  I am really loving Adidas right now.  I feel like their style is really fashion forward, staying ahead of the trends and setting the tone for new ones.  Their clothes and shoes are so comfortable and overall, I feel really good when I wear them.
You all know how much I LOVE my NMD'S.  Me, my sister and my husband all say that they are the most comfortable shoes we have ever worn.  They are so lightweight and flexible.  You really can't go wrong with these!  I love the hot pink ones for summer!
Loyal has been on the hunt for a black hoodie for me for the longest time.  He searched high and low for the perfect one, according to him.  Well guys, he found it.
It has a really cool ribbed detail to it and a swoosh on one arm.  While I was searching for the link, I came across this vintage green color and bought it too!  I thought it was so perfect for both spring and fall.  I'm wearing an XS.
I linked everything below if you are interested in shopping.  My sports bra is from the Victoria's Secret semi-annual sale and is sold out online so I linked a similar one in it's place. 
Have a great weekend!

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Board and Batten Tutorial

We have been in our house for a little over a year now.  When we were going through the building process and picking out our selections, we knew that we would end up with a few projects down the road.  Between being busy with the kids, making a few large furniture purchases, and taking forever to finally agree on decisions, decorating the house started off rather slow.  We finally got around to hanging pictures in our living room and we were blown away with what a difference it made!  It warmed up the downstairs tremendously.  From there we knew we needed to do something to our breakfast area, which is right off of the living room.  We brainstormed a few ideas and quickly agreed that it wasn't going to need much to dress it up.  I wanted it to feel somewhat casual since it wasn't our formal dining area, but still charming.  We decided on a modern board and batten for a wall treatment and some simple frames to hang above.   Prints can be found here.  
The board and batten was our first big project that we did all on our own.  (My stepdad helped us change out the lighting and thank goodness he did because we would have definitely been lost with that one!)  I did a TON of research and worked out a million measurements before diving in.  We were both a little intimidating at first but once we started, we realized that this was going to be a fairly easy project.  Here is what we did...

Supplies & Materials:
1/4 MDF (to use with our existing baseboards)
Cove Molding
Liquid Nails
Nails & a nail gun
Wood Putty

After much research, we decided to use MDF so that we could use our existing baseboards.  The tutorials I saw that involved ripping the baseboards off didn't look like something we wanted to get into and especially not with a new house.  The top of our baseboards come out about a quarter of an inch so that's what size MDF we went with.

Sidenote: Going with a thicker board and taking off the baseboards looks really nice.  In my opinion, the inner boxes stand out more and it gives off a little more drama and elegance to the space.  I would have definitely done this in my dining room but because this area calls for less formal dining, the shallow boxes work well in this space.

We bought the MDF in 2' x 4' sheets.  I read online that this can be a little tricky to find.  For example, Lowes didn't have it but Home Depot did.  I figured out the sizes I was going to go with and they are as follows.
Top board - 4" wide / Bottom board - 4" wide / Batten (vertical) - 3" wide

Here you will need to decide how tall you want your Board & Batten to be.  Ours is 34.5" from the floor and our ceilings are 9'.  You can find standard height suggestions on Pinterest.  We actually have a counter that comes out onto the wall so we used that as a guide for determining our height.  
I highly recommend taping it out and leaving it up for a couple days to be extra sure.  We were initially going to go with the height of the backsplash but after seeing it in tape, we changed our minds and I am so glad we did!

We cut the MDF into strips using a miter saw.  We measured the length of all of the walls, subtracting for the window, to get a total for the boards.  Figuring out the math for the battens is tricky and probably the most difficult part of the project.  I came up with a formula that I used to figure out the distance between each batten and will try my best to explain it.  I sketched mine out before I started the math because I work better with visuals.  My sketch gave me 9  battens on one wall so that's what I started with.  
Step 1: Measure the length of one wall (135") 
Step 2: Subtract the 2 end battens
(My battens are 3" so I subtracted 6" from the total wall length giving me 129")
Step 3: Multiply the remaining number of battens (7) x batten width (3") and subtract from remaining wall length
(7x3=21 and then 129-21=108")
Step 4: So far you have calculated the total amount of wall space accommodated for the battens.  The 108" is all of the wall space that will be in between the battens.  You will divide this number by the number of spaces you have in between your battens.  This is why the visual helped me.
(108"/8 spaces=13.5")
13.5 is the distance between each batten and according to this formula, all will be evenly spaced.  The measurements may vary on each wall.  I got each wall within 1/2"-1" difference of each other and you can't tell at all.

Once you have all of your calculations figured out and your boards cut, you are ready to begin.
We had a few little helpers throughout this project :)

 We started with attaching the bottom board to the wall.  Because we put them right on top of the existing baseboards, we didn't need to do any wall measurements.  We applied a little bit of Liquid Nails (wood glue) to the back of the board, put it on the wall and then nailed them with a nail gun to further secure them in place.
We applied the top boards the same way we did the bottom boards but here you will have to measure for the height that you want them installed.  Use a level to make sure everything is straight!   

The battens are installed the same way the boards are, with the Liquid Nails and nail gun.  We measured out the distance in-between, marking the walls with pencil.  Then we installed each batten, one at a time, measuring the length and nailing it in place before moving onto the next.  You will want to measure the length for each individual batten rather than cutting them all at the same length because some parts of the floor slope ever so slightly that you wouldn't notice it with the naked eye.  Always measure twice and cut once!
Production slowed down significantly after this little "helper" joined us.

The corner battens:
One of the corner battens needs to be longer than the other because it goes behind the other batten.  You will want it to be the width of the wood you use longer than the other pieces.  All of our battens were 3" in width and our corner pieces were 3.25" because our MDF was 1/4" thick.  This way the 2 corner battens are the same width once installed.  You will do this at every corner.

Underneath the window:
Our window came down into the Board & Batten space.  We made the battens butt right up to the window molding.

After all boards and battens are installed, you will move onto the ledge and molding.  We used a piece of wood and placed it right on top of the top board.  We used Liquid Nails and nailed it to the wall, nailing it at an angle.  We then installed the cove molding right underneath.  The cove molding will actually go on top of the top board so the width of our board will be a little less than what you started with. (See pic above.)  If you want the top board to still be the 4" then you need to accommodate for the cove molding before you cut your strips.
The molding we picked was just a very simple and standard piece of cove molding.  We wanted a simple look to this room but the molding is a great way to dress up the space with small details if you want to go in a different direction.

We started with the wood putty, applying it to all of the seams where the boards meet and also to the nail holes.  Once it was dry, we sanded it down to transition smoothly to the boards.

Next we caulked all the corners and edges so that everything looked smooth and finished against the wall.
Just a little side note here, if you  get caulk on your favorite sweatpants like I did, hand sanitizer removes it! :)

And for the last step, PAINT!  You may need a primer on the MDF because ours soaked the paint up pretty quickly.  I can't remember if we used a primer (I think we may have) but we ended up needed about 3 coats of paint on the MDF and only 2 on the walls.

See the full post of our breakfast room reveal here.


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