Thursday, December 7, 2017

Lady in Red

I used to always have a monochromatic Christmas tree dressed in silvers and gold.  But a few years ago, our color scheme moved more towards the vibrant direction.  The time had come for all of my beautiful and most cherished ornaments to be packed away for an undetermined amount of time only to be replaced by ornaments that were non-breakable and displayed the utmost festiveness.  Tacky, as some would call it.  Our tree has now been deemed a "kids tree" displaying every color in the rainbow and bringing more holiday magic than I could have ever imagined.

I wasn't sure how this year was going to go with the decorations.  Callie is at that age where she is very curious about everything and Roman is, well, he's Roman.  About 2 days after we got the tree up and decorated, I started to notice that the ornaments were rapidly decreasing.  A few days after that, pretty much all of the ornaments were gone including the ones near the top of the tree.  Only decorating the top half of the tree like some people do with little ones in the house clearly wouldn't work around here.  Much to my surprise, Callie didn't really seem to notice the tree at all but Roman on the other hand, fully capable of carrying a chair over to the tree and swiping 1/3 of the ornaments in less than 30 seconds.  I decided to take a look around the house and sure enough, I found all of my ornaments and candy canes stashed in a box in the playroom closet.  That would be Roman's work.

Once I got the missing ornaments back on the tree, I stood back and thought to myself that despite all of the colorful decorations, it was still lacking something.  So that's when I decided that it was time to take a chance and pull out my nice ornaments that have been packed in the garage for the last couple of years.  I had the boys help me redecorate the tree while having a lengthy conversation about how these ornaments were special and how Santa in fact skips houses that don't have ornaments on their tree! (It was only a matter of time before I had to pull that card.)  I think it may have actually stuck this time because Roman seems to be leaving the tree alone which is a huge revelation!   
I may completely regret bringing out my nice red ornaments but for now, she sure looks pretty in red.

Also, spoke too soon... 
I'll give her a pass this year :)

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