Sunday, December 31, 2017

2017 in Pictures

One of my New Years resolutions for 2018 is to take more pictures.  I used to be really good about capturing moments throughout the year but that has seemed to have dwindled off a bit.  Looking back through the past couple of years, I let the busyness of life hold me back from things like taking more pictures.  After having Callie, we weren't as active as we normally are and this year felt monotonous at times.  Aside from not taking as many pictures as I wish I had, a lot of them I didn't even share!  That's on my list of resolutions too.

I decided to go through the pictures I did take this year while I was reflecting.  I realized that we really had a great year!  There were many times that I felt like we weren't doing much but we also had a lot of fun and made so many memories.  We became a family of 5, vacationed, celebrated birthdays, and had a lot of really good family time.  This year was definitely good to us!  So without further ado, 2017 in pictures...

The day before I had Callie
Mother's Day
Memorial Day Weekend in Pensacola
Annual girls trip to Seaside
Father's Day
My Birthday
Fourth of July in Destin
Our 8th wedding anniversary
Thanks for the memories, 2017!


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