Thursday, December 21, 2017

2017 Christmas Card!

Christmas cards are one of my absolute favorite things to do during the holidays.  I usually design everything myself from the Christmas card down to the coordinating envelope.  I really do enjoy the process and love seeing my vision come to life.  As mail seems to be moving more and more in the digital direction, it's nice to still give and receive family pictures in the mail every year at Christmas time. 
When I start brainstorming our cards, I usually start with a color scheme.  I have used a different color envelope each year and this year was my first time doing black!  I'm always drawn to black envelopes especially with a pop of white ink.  I have been really into rustic hunter green and once I added that, everything came together from there. 
For the trees, I used a stamp with Tinsel Green embossing powder.
And of course, Joanna Gaines came through with the washi tape for me this year!
Last years Christmas card was a total flop.  I was pregnant and tired, we didn't take family pictures, and I think I just ended up using a cell phone picture in my phone where we were all looking somewhat decent and smiling.  I may have only sent out 10 or so before I just threw in the towel on holiday cards.  Come to think of it, I'm pretty sure that this happens about every other year.  2015's holiday card was by far my favorite.  I loved those!  But the year before that, another flop.  My computer died half way through addressing them, losing all of my addresses.  Roman was maybe a month old when I was trying to get them done so yeah, the towel got thrown in on those pretty quickly too.  Anyway, I made up for last year with these here and I LOVE THEM!    

I know what you are probably thinking.  "How in the world does she have time for this with 3 kids???"  I don't know you guys, but I somehow manage to get them done.  Christmas cards make me happy so once a year (or ok, maybe every other year) I do it!

Envelopes - where I always order from, they have so many colors!
Plaid Washi Tape
Embossing Powder
Pens - my favorite for white ink
Font used - Love Hewits

*All addresses shown are fake for the purpose of this post.

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