Sunday, December 31, 2017

2017 in Pictures

One of my New Years resolutions for 2018 is to take more pictures.  I used to be really good about capturing moments throughout the year but that has seemed to have dwindled off a bit.  Looking back through the past couple of years, I let the busyness of life hold me back from things like taking more pictures.  After having Callie, we weren't as active as we normally are and this year felt monotonous at times.  Aside from not taking as many pictures as I wish I had, a lot of them I didn't even share!  That's on my list of resolutions too.

I decided to go through the pictures I did take this year while I was reflecting.  I realized that we really had a great year!  There were many times that I felt like we weren't doing much but we also had a lot of fun and made so many memories.  We became a family of 5, vacationed, celebrated birthdays, and had a lot of really good family time.  This year was definitely good to us!  So without further ado, 2017 in pictures...

The day before I had Callie
Mother's Day
Memorial Day Weekend in Pensacola
Annual girls trip to Seaside
Father's Day
My Birthday
Fourth of July in Destin
Our 8th wedding anniversary
Thanks for the memories, 2017!


Friday, December 29, 2017

Christmas in New Orleans

This was our year to spend Christmas with Loyal's family so we packed everyone up and went down to spend a week in New Orleans.  Our trips have been rather far and few since having Callie.  Traveling with 3 kids is no joke!  Nevertheless, we were all very excited!  Loyal and I had been craving good seafood and the kids have a lot of books about New Orleans so they are always talking about the landmarks that New Orleans is know for.  (Beignets are life, you guys!)  It's funny because before we had kids, we would go to the French Quarter every trip and then once we had kids, we hardly ever went.  Now that they are familiar with beignets and Jackson Square and jazz music, they are always asking to go!  We always try to squeeze in a day for downtown so that they can do all the things.   First stop is almost always Cafe du Monde for the most incredible beignets and an atmosphere that just can't be beat.  A great experience for anyone visiting!  The kids love Jackson Square and the St. Louis Cathedral so we always make a stop there for pictures when we are in the quarter.  It really is beautiful to see the town painted red with Christmas!
He doesn't mess around when it comes to beignets. Ha!
This picture is the epitome of her personality.  She is a HAM, you guys!

We wanted to do a fun activity with the kids this trip since we knew that most of our days would be with family and Christmas festivities.  After the beignets, we walked over to the aquarium from the French Quarter.  A nice but rather long walk for little legs.  Loyal and I had to get creative on the walk there and back so we took turns carrying a kid and stuffing the others in the single stroller lol.  We got quite a few laughs along the way!
Seriously, the cutest picture! ^^
The aquarium was pretty good up until we got to the sharks but the shark tank at the end, that was outstanding!  I don't know if it was because we had walked all the way through the aquarium and they saved the best for last, but it really was worth herding the kids through what seemed like a million little tank windows just to see some fish swimming around.  The sharks were big and the tank was huge and there was just something so exhilarating about a massive sand tiger shark passing by right in front of you!  Definitely worth it! 

We spent Christmas Eve and Christmas at my sister-in-law's house with lots of family, good food and more sweets than my pants had room for.  Should have worn leggings!  The kids were spoiled with gifts this year and Santa was good to them as well.  Loyal and I made the most of this trip and snuck away every night after the kids went to bed. We shopped, ate, drank, laughed and ate again indulging some of the best oysters and Royal Red shrimp we've had.  Five nights out of the house without kids made up for the lack of date nights this past year!
This trip was nothing short of amazing and one of the best Christmases we've ever had!  Traveling with 3 kids can be a lot at times but I swear, the memories just keep getting better and better.  We are very blessed to have 3 little kiddos that travel well and are always down for a good time.  Even Callie always seems to go with the flow when we feel like we might be pushing them to their limits.  They are troopers!

Hope everyone had a great Christmas!  Happy holidays from our family to yours. :) 

I linked some of what I am wearing because most of it is on sale! 
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