Monday, May 9, 2016

Mother's Day 2016

  This Mother's Day was the best one I've had since becoming a mother.  Each year with the kids gets better and better but this year definitely topped them all.  I woke up to Loyal and the boys bringing me gifts before I even got out of bed!  Loyal had the boys give me theirs first and then he followed up with one form himself.  I love how thoughtful it was of Loyal to incorporate the kids in making their mom feel special and so loved on my day.  Our kids are learning from us and we try to keep that in mind each and every day.

After gifts and breakfast we went to church.  This was our second Sunday going to church and our first time leaving them in nursery.  We had high hopes of actually listening to the service rather than chasing the kids around while making failed attempts to get them sit in one spot for a full hour.  They did really well!  Not one tear from either of them!!  I knew Loyal would do well since he's been going to preschool for a year now.  I took Roman in and the second he saw a truck, he was golden!  I can't tell you how much more at ease I was knowing that kids weren't disrupting others.  I will be honest though, Loyal and I sat in the very back with an aisle seat so that we could book it to the nursery the second church was over!  We couldn't wait to see them again. :)

 We went down to Buckhead for brunch once we got out of church.  We went to one of the cutest little restaurants with a patio that reminded me of a hidden gem you would find in the French Quarter.  The food was amazing and the scenery was exactly where I wanted to be for my Mother's Day.  The rest of the day was pretty normal and laid back consisting of long naps, a wagon ride and a trip to the park.

I will forever cherish this Mother's Day just as much as I have the previous ones.  I am so grateful for Loyal making this day so special for me and leaving my heart so full.  My babies make my life worth living.  They give me so much purpose and continue to make me who I am.      
Happy Mother's Day to all of the beautiful mothers, including my own.  I love you Mom!

Here's to strong women.
May we know them.
May we be them.
May we raise them.


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