Monday, April 18, 2016

Spring Break 2016

A couple weeks ago we went on our annual girls & babies trip to Seaside.  I think we all look forward to this trip each year to get in some much needed girl time and relaxing.  Although, it seems that the relaxing has become less and less considering we have added a baby to the mix every year since the first!  I love to see how much they have all grown since the year before.  Loyal and Alexis were just under a year old and I was pregnant with Roman the first year!!

I think this year was my favorite so far.  Maybe it was because this was the first year for me that I wasn't pregnant or nursing!  It was just a really great time with my kids and especially with Loyal now that he has such a better understanding of things.  We talked about the beach for an entire week before we went down so to see his excitement once we were finally there was amazing.  Roman is such a ham in general but I really think he picked up on the energy that comes along with being on vacation.  He was so silly and making every laugh so much!  The kids all played so well together and watching them all run around together brought so much life to the group.  Sweet little Camden will be running right along with them next year!    

The wind was just not in my favor for these pictures and Roman was soooo over it, hence this picture above, LOL!  But this cotton candy sky was probably the most beautiful sunset I've ever seen.  This was the first time the boys have seen a beach sunset and experiencing it with them was just magical.
So this was Roman's first beach experience.  It was the first day we went down to the beach and his reaction had me a little concerned for the rest of the trip!  He absolutely HATED the sand and the beach in general.  Every time I put him down he just lost it.  I held him for pretty much the entire 15 minutes we were down there.  It was close to lunch and nap time so I think he was just cranky that day.  Luckily, the next day was much better!  Both him and Loyal had a blast!
Waking up every morning to this view!  Take me back!!!
I love these girls so much and I love that we have made this trip happen 3 years in a row now!  Next year though, we MUST get a group picture and not forget until the very last night when pajamas have already been put on. (Insert eye roll here!!!)

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