Monday, March 14, 2016

Our house renovation

Remember that house we bought in New Orleans and only lived in for 4 months?  Well, we finally finished it.  And sold it!  Let me catch everyone up...

We bought it back in March of 2013, while we were pregnant with Loyal.  Because of Loyal working in Atlanta, we were hardly ever in New Orleans to live in it and renovate it like we had envisioned.  About 2 weeks before I had Roman, we had a pipe break in the wall between the kitchen and bathroom.  The majority of the downstairs flooded just enough to have to rip mostly everything out.  It was kind of a disaster with us being in Atlanta at the time and definitely not something that we care to go through again.  We ended up moving down right after Roman was born and because of the condition the downstairs was in, we had to start the renovation immediately.  Just for the record, living in a house with a gutted downstairs and 2 babies was not fun.

In case you need a reminder of how our kitchen looked before...
(you can see more pictures here)
And here is the after!
There used to be a wall separating the kitchen and living room.  We opened it up and it improved the space drastically.  We also tore down the old brown paneled walls and replaced it with drywall and after a ton of push back about painting the fireplace white, we did it and everyone LOVED IT!
We are so happy with the way everything turned out.  It was literally a dream come true to see the finished product.  Only one problem, we've been in Atlanta this entire time.  We went down over Christmas, packed everything up and moved it out in anticipation of listing it.  We had our contractor finish it up over the next couple of weeks and put it on the market in January.  We were under contract in less than 24 hours, closed in February, and that was that.  We signed all of the papers electronically so we never even walked through the finished product but to us, the pictures are stunning.  We will miss this house and all of the memories we made there!

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