Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Easter 2016

This Easter was such a good one for us!  We started off Saturday morning with an Easter Egg hunt at Avalon.  It was pretty early for us and still a little chilly but we made the best of it.  They had real bunnies there, a visit from the Easter Bunny and a ride with Choo Choo Charlie, which is the kids favorite!  We took it easy the rest of the day since we were out and about early.  I was really excited to dye eggs with the kids, thinking they would enjoy it, but it turned out to be the biggest disaster!!!  I spilled one of the cups of dye before we even dyed the very first egg and the rest went down hill from there.  Basically I just did all of the eggs as fast as I could while the kids watched.  We will be doing this activity outside next year.  Lesson learned!

Sunday morning we all woke up and meandered out into the living room.  Everyone was still trying to wake up so I didn't want to blind the kids by flicking the lights on to show them their Easter baskets.  Instead, we all sat down on the couch to watch cartoons while our eyes adjusted.  Eventually Loyal and I went into the kitchen to get something to drink and while we were in there little Loyal must have noticed the baskets on the table behind him.  He got soooo excited and ran into the kitchen saying "GUYS! Come see dis!!!"  Aren't kids are the best!!  The rest of our Sunday was spent relaxing and indulging in too many sweets and Easter treats.  That night we had dinner with my parents and the kids ran around like crazy animals, per usual.  This year was an Easter well spent for sure!
Sorry for all poor quality iPhone pics.  Rapid fire phone camera seems to work out best these days. 

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