Friday, February 19, 2016

Operation backup Bunny

Last week Loyal had 2 days off of school so I decided to take advantage of the extra long weekend and get him potty trained.  We have made 2 prior attempts and ran out of time when he had to go back to school.  This time though was a total success!  I was a little nervous about going back to school on Wednesday with him only having used the potty at home.  He can sometimes get stuck in specific scenarios and is also a little apprehensive to use the big potty so I was hoping that he would know to use the potty at school too.  I was so anxious to pick him up that day to see if he would come out in the same pants and underwear that I dropped him off in.  You guys, HE DID!!!  We had a mini little dance party in the car before racing home to tell Dad how awesome he did at school.

About 10 minutes after we got home, I began taking down our Valentine's garland to hang up the new Easter bunny banner on our mantel.  Loyal was pointing out all of the colors on the banner and telling me how much he likes bunnies and their fluffy tails.  As the words "I know how much you love bunnies" came out of my mouth, it hit me.  I forgot to check his back pack when he got in the car and my biggest fear suddenly became a reality.  WE FORGOT BUNNY AT SCHOOL.  My stomach immediately dropped and my heart broke in pieces.  I couldn't believe I did this.  I called the school over and over knowing that they had already left for the day.  There was nothing I could do until we went back on Friday.

After a lot of mumbling under our breath, spelling words out and speaking in toddler-proof-code, Loyal and I decided that our only hope would be to convince little Loyal that the backup bunny that I had been saving for a time like this was his beloved Bunny.  I knew this was going to be tricky.  A brand new bunny just doesn't quite pass for a bunny with two and a half years of love.  I came up with a plan of action.  I threw a bunch of towels in the dryer along with new bunny and I worked up all the courage I could to tell Loyal what Bunny did while he was at school.  I choked down my nerves, took him over to the dryer and told him that Bunny got extra clean and FLUFFY with as much enthusiasm as I could muster.  I opened the dryer door and let him find his Bunny like we always do after Bunny gets a bath.  Much to my surprise, he was really excited!  But then...he started to really inspect Bunny and realized that this, in fact, was NOT his Bunny.  He began to cry, threw it across the room and said that he didn't want it.  I knew this was my fault and I was honestly heartbroken.  I almost broke down and just told him the truth but I knew it would be a really long 2 days without it.  I kept at it and finally, FINALLY, he accepted the new Bunny. 
After a much needed nap, he woke in better spirits and was so proud of Bunny.  He showed everyone in the house how "warm and clean" bunny was and kept saying "Bunny so pretty!"  Thankfully, this turned out to be a smooth transaction and lets just hope it was the last one because meanwhile, Loyal and I have been secretly mourning the retirement of old Bunny.  There are just too many great memories of our baby's first love and as we switched him out, we realized that our baby is growing up way too fast. :(

Just a little side note, I have never been able to find a backup Sharky for Roman but after this situation, I found one on Ebay and bought it IMMEDIATELY!!!
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