Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Best friends

With Loyal and Roman being only 18 months apart, I knew that one day they would be the best of friends.  Most of the our days consist of them either playing side-by-side independently or they are fighting like cats and dogs over a toy that neither of them really care that much about.  I will tell you, we have been venturing more and more towards the competitive sibling rivalry and it is exhausting for me.  We are working very hard on sharing and waiting our turn for toys and the most difficult one, not ripping toys out of each others hands.  There are a few rare moments where they are really sweet to each other.  Sometimes when Roman is napping, Loyal will run in there and wake him up to come and play.  As much as I want Roman to get a good nap, it is so heartwarming to see him sit right up with the biggest grin and wave to his brother.

Yesterday Loyal was watching his iPad and I watched Roman climb up onto the couch and sit right beside him.  Not knowing if Loyal was going to push him right off the couch for getting too close, I saw him look over at his brother, put his arm around him and say to me "Mom, we're best friends!"  YOU GUYS, my heart literally exploded!!!  These are the moments :) 

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