Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Roman turns ONE!!!

My little baby boo turned ONE last week!  I haven't done near as much for him as I did for Loyal's first year (as I am sure is somewhat normal for children after the first one lol) and I recently started to feel a little guilty about it.  One thing that I wanted to make sure to do was a smash cake for him.  I try my best to hold out on sweets for their first year so it's a pretty big deal for them to have the opportunity to dive right into their first cake!

I remember giving Loyal his and he ate a little bit of it and eventually crawled away from it to play with toys instead.  Roman was the complete opposite.  He sat there and ate probably a third of the cake until I had to step in and say that was enough.  He pitched a huge fit when we took it away!  Near the end of it, we finally let Loyal get in on the action and true to his style, he took the tiniest bites!  Haha, they are so funny.

Here are some pictures I snapped of Roman's smash cake...
This last picture shows his personality so well.  He is such a little ham!

I don't have any of my baking supplies with me at the moment so I bought the cake from Publix out of the pre-made freezer section.  I scraped the decorations off, smoothed out the remaining icing and covered the cake in sprinkles.  Cake topper is from Hobby Lobby.  Cake stand and sprinkles are from Homegoods.  Confetti is made from streamers cut into small pieces.

Bow tie is from Toma's Tutus and Things (found here) and bloomers are from Nordeens Baby Couture (found here).

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