Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Baby it's cold outside!

With the holidays approaching, I find ourselves trying to squeeze in as many fun events as we possibly can.  In the midst of busy schedules, it can get a little difficult trying to decide between staying home to ensure a normal bedtime routine or going out on a Sunday evening to show our kids a glimpse of Christmas!  This past Sunday was Avalon's lighting of their Christmas tree and without much hesitation, we decided it would be too much fun to miss!  Loyal is learning all about Christmas right now and really taking everything in.  He was in awe of all the festivities full of of bright lights and and holiday music.  It was really fun to watch him recognize all of the snowmen, reindeer, and everything else that goes along with the holidays.

On Sunday morning we went and bought some new cold weather gear for the kids in preparation for the night ahead.  The kids were both so excited about their new hats!  Roman fell asleep about 5 minutes after trying his on in the store so I had to rip the tag off of it so I could pay for it, ha!  After the kids woke up from their naps, we bundled everyone up and were off to dinner.   The evening ahead was looking really promising but ended up taking a turn shortly after dinner.  The temperature DROPPED and we were FREEZING!  Our new hats just weren't enough to withstand how cold it was.  We felt so bad for the kids because it could have been such a great time but it wasn't worth how cold it got.  Better luck next year I guess!
A few pictures from our night...
This was right at the end.  He was freezing and we felt so bad for him!  We warmed up quickly once we finally got our car from valet and so far, no one has gotten sick (thank god!!).  To make up for the night, we stopped and got them chocolate milk on the way home, a real treat for them to have it before bedtime!

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