Tuesday, August 19, 2014

The ups and downs

Well we got down to New Orleans on Wednesday and things started off reeeeally slow.  We had a lot of motivation, really high hopes and quite a few road blocks.  We knew that the first thing we needed to do was baby proof the house and most importantly, put baby gates up at the top and bottom of the stairs.  We also knew that we wanted to get the bedrooms painted pretty quickly so that we could start setting things up and hopefully have the upstairs done.  We had quite a few other things on our list and needless to say, nothing was accomplished.  I think I underestimated how overwhelming and exhausting moving would be while I was pregnant.  Add a toddler to the mix and that really didn't leave much time to get anything done.  It all ended up catching up to me and resulted in one big pregnant, hormonal break down.  Anyway, it's been a pretty slow and frustrating start but we are finally getting some things crossed off of our list.  Here are a few pics of our time here so far...

Over the weekend, we finally got out of the house for something other than a trip to the paint store or to get groceries.  We went to the Riverwalk area to check out their new outlet stores.  I had only been once before and I must say that it has definitely turned around!  They had some pretty good stores inside, one of which was Carters.  Their clothes seem to fit Lo pretty well and they always have great sales so I imagine we will be there quite often!
We also got our first snowballs!  Man, they were so good.  I got pina colada which was incredible.  The ice was shaved so thin it was like powder.  I've honestly thought about it every day since.  Unfortunately, Loyal and I made a new rule about only eating sweets once a week and it has to be on the weekend.  Something to look forward to I guess?  It's going to be a long week...

Story of our lives these days.  The never ending paint selection...
Paint is by far the most frustrating thing we have dealt with so far.  Actually, lighting seems to be the real frustration.  You love a color in one room and then put it in the room it's going to go in and it's awful!  I can't even tell you how many times we've been to the store in less than a week.  And don't even get me started on how many samples we've purchased that didn't work out.

One of the highlights: I've wanted a bright white desk for so long.  I can't even remember when we got it because it was so long ago.  It has stayed in the box until last night when I finally got around to putting it together and I must say, I'm in love!
(The not so bright side of this accomplishment was that I somehow busted my knuckle open while I was putting it together.  So annoying.)

Well that's about it so far.  Not much, I know.  I feel like under a huge mess, things are very slowly starting to come together.  We have FINALLY decided on a paint color for Lo's room and are getting it painted today so I will share his bedroom plans later this week!  So excited!!!


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  1. Just the thought of painting is overwhelming with SO many colour choices and then seeing how it actually works with the space..oy. Best of luck!


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