Thursday, August 14, 2014

3D pictures and briefly breech

As I said earlier this week, we went for our 3D ultrasound last Saturday.  The baby was not cooperating at all.  He had both hands and both feet covering his face.  We saw a tiny glimpse of his nose but nothing close to enough to have an idea of what he looked like.  We went back in for a re-do session on Tuesday night and this one was much better!  He still had an arm up but we were able to see much more of his face this time.  The appointment was at 8 p.m. so I made sure to eat a big dinner since he is usually pretty active in the evenings.  I also shoveled about 6 spoonfuls of ice cream in my mouth just before I walked out the door.  I was determined to get a good look at this baby!
It's hard to see in this picture but apparently his feet are crossed and Lo's were too at his 3D ultrasound!

He was moving around so much during the ultrasound.  He kept puckering his lips up which was so cute!  We didn't really feel like he looked much like either of us or Lo really.  We couldn't figure out who he got those big lips from, or his nose.  When we got home we looked back at Lo's pictures and realized that they look so similar!  Lo had those same lips!  This babe's lips seem to be slightly bigger.  I see a resemblance in the nose too.  He's going to be a cutie!
^Here is Lo's picture.  Do you see the resemblance?

At our first appointment, the baby's head was right underneath my rib cage.  I just had this feeling for the past week or so and the ultrasound confirmed that he was breech.  Last pregnancy and this pregnancy, this has always been my biggest fear.  Between this news and not getting any pictures, I left the first appointment in tears.  The tech told me not to worry about it all because it's way too soon and he still has so much time and room to turn.  In the back of my mind, I knew she was right but I just couldn't shake it.  I did some research over the next couple of days and came across the Webster Technique.  From what I read, this is a chiropractic adjustment that focuses on the pelvis, relaxing it and opening it up to make more room for the baby, and also providing more comfort for both baby and mom.  I found it really interesting and it is definitely something I would like to try out.  I decided to wait until my next ultrasound to see what the status was before I started making appointments and luckily, he turned!  He wasn't head down on Tuesday but he was sideways with his head on the opposite side of my stomach that it was on at the Saturday appointment.  I guess this explained all of the somersaults I was feeling at 3 a.m.  Anyway, I am still planning on seeing a chiropractor when I get a little closer to the end but I figured I would share this in case it might help anyone.

In case anyone is wondering, I had the ultrasound at Baby's First Images.  We did Lo's at our doctor's office and in my opinion, the doctor's ultrasound was definitely worth the extra money.  The ultrasound was much clearer and the pictures came out a lot better than these did.  Just my opinion but you can look at Lo's pictures here and decide for yourself.

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  1. I love the 3D pictures! My baby is currently breach right now as well and I just keep hoping she will turn before the big day!


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