Tuesday, July 22, 2014

We made it!

After a very long drive on Sunday, we finally made it to New Orleans.  Our alarms went off at 3:30 a.m. on Sunday morning and we were out of the house by 5.  Between the moving truck averaging about 65 mph, driving through rain most of the way, doggie breaks, baby breaks and stops to eat, the drive took absolutely forever.  The weather cleared up for the last part of the trip so we were able to make up for a little bit of the time lost.  But of course, as soon as we pulled up to the house it started pouring again.  We had a bunch of helpers there to unload which made things sooo much easier.  We were so thankful to have them there especially since me and Loyal loaded the truck all by ourselves the day before.  In the pouring rain too.  We just couldn't catch a break with the weather this past weekend.  So anyway, Sunday made for a really long day and we were so exhausted by the end of it.
The first thing I did when we got here was set up Lo's crib so that he had a somewhat familiar place to sleep that first night.  Loyal and I basically just threw our mattress down on the floor and slept in our clothes because we were too tired to do anything by the end of the day.  Since Sunday, we have been working non-stop to get things unpacked and put away.  I really don't want to have to do much unpacking when we come back.  Most of our stuff has been in our storage unit for the past 2 years so I've been busy scrubbing everything.  And if the timing wasn't any more perfect, our dishwasher isn't working so at this point, my hands are in dire need of a good manicure.

The picture above is the street that we live on.  How beautiful are those trees?!  I love them so much.  They always remind me of the first time we came to look at this house.  It just felt right from the second we turned on the street.  I took this picture this morning when we ventured out for the first time.  We went to one of our favorite little breakfast spots.  It was really nice to take a break from unpacking and see a little bit of our new city.  It was pretty exciting to drive around and see a lot of our favorite places from when we would come to visit.  It's such a surreal feeling to know that we will live here and be able to go to them any time we want.  There are so many new places we want to go too.  We definitely won't be getting bored here any time soon, that's for sure!

Well, I'm exhausted and ready to go to sleep but I just wanted to give a quick little update since I haven't had much time to talk to family and friends.  I will post more pictures and updates later in the week!   

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  1. Gorgeous street! I love tree lined streets! Glad you guys made it safe and sound... get some rest :)


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