Sunday, July 13, 2014

Random Thoughts

We went to Ikea yesterday to get a dresser for the new nursery.  It seems like just yesterday that we were there for Lo's nursery dresser.  I got to thinking about how I felt when I became a mom for the first time, especially now that I am about to become a mom again.  I remember putting so much pressure on myself, as I am sure a lot of first time moms do.  I wanted to do everything right and now that I look back, I made so many mistakes along the way.  Nothing that I regret per say, because it was all one big learning process in the end.  Being a mom felt like it came so natural to me, but in reality I was just as new at being a mom as the next.  Things definitely weren't perfect but what I can say is that, perfect or not, I got the opportunity to see this little boy grow right in front of my eyes over this past year.  This is something that I can not wait to experience again, although, there are a few things that I plan to do differently.

I had heard it a million times before but didn't quite comprehend it until the time had past.  It goes so quick.  And yes, it does.  I was always anticipating the next moments and milestones with Lo.  Looking back, that first year flew right by and now it's gone.  This time, I will enjoy all of those moments that don't last long.  Holding an infant in those early days.  I will hold him just a little longer this time.  I will not be so eager for him to grow up.  And I promise, I will not take any moment for granted.  The dishes will wait and so will the laundry because in reality, my baby will grow much faster than any pile of laundry or dishes in the sink will.  I just can not wait to meet this baby.  To love him and hold him and memorize everything about him so that I never forget his first year of life! 
I can't wait to have another tiny little baby in my arms!

The Life Of Faith


  1. Okay, this was so beautifully written. You're going to make me cry, mama!!! This part especially spoke to me: "my baby will grow much faster than any pile of laundry or dishes in the sink will." A-MEN. I'm right in the thick of it with my 3 month old, and sometimes need to stop and remind myself of everything you just said. It goes quickly. I'm going to hold him just a little bit longer. Or... a lot bit longer. ;)


    1. Aww thank you!! You are sooo sweet! It goes by so fast I could cry!!!


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