Monday, July 28, 2014

Our weekend

We left New Orleans Thursday morning to head back to Atlanta for a friend's wedding Friday night.  After exhausting ourselves with the move, we were more than ready for a night out.  We decided a while back to leave Lo with my parents so that we didn't have to chase him around all night and end up leaving early.  I am so happy we made that decision because we were in dire need of a "parent's night out."  It was nice to get dressed up, put some heels on and feel pretty for once considering that doesn't happen anywhere near as often as it used to.  Also, I must add that Loyal looked pretty handsome himself!  The wedding was absolutely beautiful and the bride was stunning.  The reception was incredibly beautiful.  The landscape was so perfect and elegant.
(Get ready for picture overload, sorry!)

^^A little blurry, but such a good one!^^
 I mean, what a dream right??!!!!
Such an amazing couple and a great wedding.  Their little girl was so adorable and I kept telling Loyal throughout the night that it made me wish that Lo could have been there for our wedding.  We had a great night out and it was so good to hang out with friends that we hadn't seen in so long.  

We ended up staying way past our normal bedtime and definitely paid for it the next day.  We were so lazy all day on Saturday.  I didn't get out of my pajamas until we decided to go out to eat only because neither of us felt like cooking or going to the store.  We ate pizza at a park near our house.  There was some sort of event going on at the park and it was packed with kids.  After dinner we got some frozen yogurt and walked around for a bit.  We have always kept Lo in his stroller but now that he is walking, we let him get out a play.  He loved it so much!  He could not stop smiling and it was the cutest thing we've ever seen.  He's always so fascinated with other kids and I think he was just over the moon to finally feel like he was one of them.  He just walked and walked and walked.  He would stop and stare at other kids that were playing.  He would squeal with excitement every time a dog passed but would cry if they got too close.  It was a really great night for such impromptu plans.


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