Monday, July 7, 2014

Our Fourth of July Weekend

Last year Lo was just a couple months old for the 4th so fireworks were definitely out of the question for us.  This year I really wanted to do something fun and out of the ordinary.  As much as we were dreaming of the beach all weekend, that was out of the question too.  I knew that fireworks would be tricky, if at all possible.  Lo's bedtime is about 8:00 and most of the fireworks that I looked up started at around 9:30 so I knew that keeping him up that late without a meltdown would be a little far fetched.  As it turned out, he decided to skip his afternoon nap which meant he would be ready for bed earlier than usual.  Awesome.  The mall near our house was having a bunch of festivities before their fireworks show so we figured it would be fun to go and see what it was all about.
We took this picture right before we decided to head home and just as the crowd was starting to fill in.  As you can see, it was clearly still daylight out and fireworks where no where in the near future but we had to get our tired little babe to bed.
Once he was in bed and Loyal and I were fighting sleep ourselves, I heard fireworks going off in the neighborhood.  I went outside just in time to catch 2 puny little fireworks.  
Next year we are going to the beach.

And just for the record, the next day Lo took a really long afternoon nap which was perfect for staying up late.  He's really got to start planning better.

This past week, it was finally time for Lo to get his first haircut.  I had been triming it a little to keep it out of his face but it had just gotten to the point that it was out of my control.  I figured he would be a little nervous at first because he is so shy.  Once he found himself in the mirror he started to perk up.  By the end, he was one proud little boy of his fresh haircut!
The rest of the weekend was dedicated to some good family time.  It's not often that we get a long weekend with Loyal and luckily, he didn't have much paperwork this weekend.  We ate out, did some shopping and relaxed in our down time, a lot!  It was great.  And thanks to the long weekend, we made it to Chick Fil A on Saturday instead of forgetting about it until Sunday like we do every time, it never fails.
This was him sharing his cone with Dad.
I think we all needed hosed down after this ice cream cone!
And just for fun, here's a little throw back to a little tiny babe last year! 

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