Wednesday, July 16, 2014


Last night me sister and I went to the Jay Z and Beyonce concert.
It was such a dream come true for us to see them perform together.  Such a good show in fact, that it made it a little easier to spend my first night away from Lo.  I left him and Loyal at about 3:30 to head down to my sisters.  I almost cried when I said bye to him.  It just felt like it was going to be so long before I saw him again.  It was also Loyal's first night alone with him.  I knew he would do great, and he did.  I don't know what it was but I couldn't help but feel so anxious the entire night.  Well, at least until the concert started.
Kelli and I had dinner before the show at this new place called bartaco.  It was really awesome!  They had such a cool patio, excellent food and ice cream cones for desert.  This is definitely somewhere you have to check out.
Here are a few pics from our night.
Here is a pic Loyal sent me of their first "boys night!"

Back in the day, my sister and I were big Destiny's Child fans.  We knew every word to every song.   We would record every appearance they did on Good Morning America, Oprah, etc. and watch them literally every day over and over again.

For my 21st birthday, a very long 9 years ago, Kelli surprised me with tickets to their farewell tour which just so happened to be filmed for their DVD.  Needless to say, they pulled out all the stops for that show and lucky for us, we can watch it again and again and again.  We left the show that night as forever fans.
Kelli and I quickly became DIE HARD Beyonce fans with the release of Crazy in Love, which also made us Jay Z fans, naturally.  We have been to Beyonce's shows throughout the years since Destiny's Child and they just get better and better.  She just brings so much energy when she performs.  I love it.

One thing on both of our bucket lists was to see Jay Z and Beyonce perform together.  When the rumors started swirling that they were going to tour together, my heart might have skipped a beat.  There was no way that either of us would miss this.  I was online the second that presale was available.
So last night, our dreams came true.
This is such a terrible picture.  Our seats were so far away and the lights made it impossible to get a good one.  We both decided to just put our phones away for the entire show and just enjoy it.  What an amazing show it was.  Definitely a night that was so special to me and Kel.  One that we will never forget.


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