Tuesday, July 29, 2014

A little excited and a little nervous

When we were at our friend's wedding this past weekend, everyone was asking about Lo.  Loyal and I began to tell them a little bit about his personality.  We were telling them how independent he is and how he wants to do everything himself.  He's not one to accept help, that's for sure.  He doesn't like to snuggle at all, to the point where he will move your hand if you put your arm around him.  He wants everything on his terms, clearly.  He is such a boy.  I sat there laughing about his silly characteristics while resting my arms on my belly and that's when it hit me.  I had completely forgot about how Lo was when I was pregnant with him.  These strong characteristics were already there!  I remembered that if I EVER rested anything on my stomach he would promptly kick me off of it.  And he'd kick hard too!  He was very "you're in my space/too close/hands off!"  It's just so crazy to think about now.  It really stopped me in my tracks at the wedding and almost made me cry to think back to those distant memories.  Once I started thinking about this, I realized that this new babe never kicks me when I touch my belly.  Maybe he will be a little sweeter and will actually let me snuggle with him.  I can't wait to see what his personality will be like.  So far, nothing really stands out but then again, nothing did with Lo at the time.  I guess this is just something that all comes together at some point.  We'll have to wait and see!

Speaking of waiting, I opened one of my pregnancy apps the other day.  I hardly ever look at those things but a notification popped up so I clicked on it.  The first thing I saw was that I had just over 12 weeks left!  OMG where has time gone???  I couldn't believe it.  It also started saying things like "as your second trimester comes to a close..."  Coming to a close?!  As in, I'm almost in my last trimester? Needless to say, I am a little panicky about it.  I don't feel ready and I need more time.  I feel even less ready than I did last time!  As much as I am so excited to meet this little babe, I'm kind of nervous to have 2 kids.  Things are getting easier and easier with Lo but when we do have those tough days, I couldn't even imagine adding a newborn to the mix.  It's scary stuff, you know?  I'm sure I will figure it all out, as most do.  Just a little nerve racking to think about.
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  1. Nicole, that photo is stunning!!

    I love this :) I too look back on my pregnancy and remember how Scarlett was in the womb and it directly replicates how she is outside of the womb. So calm and quiet :)

    I love how it all comes full circle. What a beautiful moment :) xo

  2. Aww thanks so much! That photo was from my last pregnancy. Isn't it bizarre how much their personality shows so early?! And calm and quiet....that sounds like a dream! ;)

  3. When are you due? I have just over 12 weeks left too... we are probably close to the same due date! Congrats!!!

    1. Congrats to you too!!! I'm due It's on October 30! Hoping we aren't stuck in the hospital on Halloween. ;)

  4. What a wonderful memory! Aria and I listened to Christmas carols just about my whole pregnancy, and now they are her faves. She requests carols when I sing to her before nap time and bed time. The first time I felt her move was while I was laying down not feeling so hot listening to some soft carols. So she is destined to just love Dec as much as her mama =)
    I sure hope your second enjoys those snuggles. Aria is a rare snuggler, and it seems so foreign when friends with kids have a snuggler. I'm like...that exists?!

    1. That is so cute! And how awesome to be able to make a holiday extra special! Having a non-snuggler is definitely a bummer. He's just so independent! Praying the next one will be a little lover!!!


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