Thursday, June 19, 2014

Summer days at the pool

Today was one of those days that truly felt like summer.  We usually run errands in between Lo's naps but today I didn't feel like going anywhere so I figured a trip to the pool would be fun!  I cut up the watermelon that I ended up with yesterday.  It was so red and sweet and juicy, thank goodness for that situation!  Anyway, we had a great time at the pool and I was actually able to get a little sun while we were there.  We have a little baby pool that is super shallow.  Fortunately I figured out how to strategically lay there so that I could get some sun while staying right next to Lo just in case he decided to face plant into the water.  To bad I had to get up and rescue toys from the drain a million times.  Gone are the days of sunbathing with nothing to worry about except what music you are going to listen to and when your next dip in the pool is going to be.  Any chance I'll be able to still lay out when I have to littles to chase after?  Doubt it.
I mean, how cute is this sticky little face!  

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