Thursday, June 12, 2014

Pregnancy cravings + Peonies

When I was pregnant with Loyal I never really had any major cravings.  There were things that I was really in to or enjoyed eating but nothing that I thought about every day, or at least not that I can remember.  When I go to Starbucks my go-to is always a hot white chocolate mocha, even in the summer.  I don't usually get them in the summer but every once in a while I will.  So one day Loyal was on his way home from work and called to see if I wanted Starbucks since he was stopping.  I told him I would have the usual, to which he then asked, "hot or cold?"  Out of nowhere I said cold.  And I've had one just about every day since.  At this point, it's out of control.  This week I tried to make it until the weekend without having one.  I found myself craving them so bad, avoid driving past a Starbucks at all costs.  I was very proud of myself for turning it down when Loyal called to see if I wanted one when he stopped on the way home.
But I eventually caved...
So yesterday I had some errands to run.  I went to UPS and the grocery store.  I decided I might as well go ahead and fill up with gas while I was at the store.  Of course there was a wait since there are only a few pumps.  I pulled up when it was my turn, assuming that the pump was on the drivers side.  Loyal and I had just talked about this the other day and he established that most American made cars have the gas on the drivers side and that's how his is too, which is made by the same.  And not to mention, every single car I've ever had has had it on my side.  Well we were wrong.  So wrong.  After waiting for the pump, swiping my card and turning to put the pump in, I very embarrassingly realized that gas is certainly NOT on the drivers side of my new car.  I quickly put the pump away, canceled payment, got back in (avoiding eye contact with the guy waiting behind me) and drove off.
After that escapade, I tried to go to Pier 1.  I get all the way there to find out that Pier 1 is now AT&T.  Awesome.  At this point I was so annoyed that I drove straight to Starbucks.  The line was so long and not moving at all so I got out of line and tried again for gas.  Well this time I pulled up on the passenger side, got out and couldn't figure out how to get the damn door open!  There was no lever, no button, the door didn't come open, nothing!  If the first try wasn't embarrassing enough, I had to get the manual out to figure out how to get the gas door open.  Talk about mortifying.  Needless to say, I definitely deserved a Starbucks and this time there was no line at all. :)
 The highlight of this story is that while I was at the grocery store I got Father's Day cards which means that for once, I will not be running around like a maniac the day before.  AND I got this amazing bouquet of peonies!  I'm not usually one to buy these but the assorted pinks got me.  I am officially on the bandwagon with peonies because these are absolutely stunning!

*In case anyone is wondering, I order decaf.  Even when I'm not pregnant. :)

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