Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Missing Dallas

When Loyal and I lived in Dallas, there was a grocery store right by our apartment.  I went there quite often.  It was so convenient and not to mention, it was really awesome.  It was very comparable to Fresh Market or Whole Foods.  They always had the freshest fruits and veggies, a well stocked meat section and an incredible section of nuts and snacks.  I always got the BBQ corn nuts and Salt & Vinegar almonds, which I haven't had since we left.  So in one of the Sunday's paper that I got a couple of weeks ago, I came across an ad from Sprouts!  They were having a grand opening of their very first store here in Georgia!!!  I told Loyal I would be there opening day and I sure was.
This is one of the things that I love about this store.  I hated buying a spice, season or herb that I only needed for one recipe.  Here you can scoop out how ever much you need and buy it based on weight!  So awesome.
This boy got a pretzel sample and a balloon and was super happy about it!

The store was beautiful!  And PACKED!  The parking lot was slammed so I figured that I would park waaaayy in the back since I knew I wasn't getting much.  I got what I needed, sadly they didn't have BBQ corn nuts, and got in the crazy long check out line.  It was hot in there and I was getting pretty thirsty.  Luckily, the lady behind me asked me to watch her cart while she ran to grab a water.  Yes!  Would you mind getting me one too? Thanks sooo much!!!  So she comes back...carrying two WATERMELONS.  I thought she said water.  Uhhh, thanks.  So there I was juggling a baby, a huge baby bag, my groceries and a damn watermelon all the way across the parking lot.

Being there today brought back a flood of memories from Dallas.  The 5 months that I lived there with Loyal was probably the best 5 months that we've spent together, or at least pre-baby.  We've missed Dallas every day since we left.  It's something that we talk about and reminisce all the time.

I will never forget that first time I flew out to visit him.  Looking out my window at the very different landscape of Texas, I got so giddy knowing that I was about to see him after 5 very long weeks.  It was the same feeling every time I flew to see him throughout the year that we lived apart.  The butterflies that had become a thing of the past became familiar again.  I remember the day I was finally there for good.  No more flying back and forth.  No more missing each other like crazy.  Him, me and the pups were finally reunited.

That summer was amazing.  We honestly had a blast.  Everything just felt so carefree after the stress of living apart for a year.  We grilled out, drank beer, ate Mexican food 3 times a week, had too many margaritas, spent too much money shopping, went to In-N-Out on the regular, had some amazing Texas BBQ and stuffed ourselves full of the most delicious pizza on a weekly basis.  What I wouldn't give to have one of those pizzas right now.  Good times we had out there.  And now we begin our second summer since that one in Dallas.  Man, how time flies.  I have to admit, every time the weather starts to warm up and the sun starts shinning brighter, I get a little homesick for Dallas.  There was just something about that summer that will always hold a place in my heart.
We will meet again some day Dallas, believe me.

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