Monday, June 16, 2014

Father's Day

Our Father's Day was pretty amazing.  Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures from yesterday.  Not one single one.  Sometimes Loyal likes to "enjoy the moment without a million pictures."  So I figured I would let him have his day without being super annoying which means that this recap is going to be a verbal one.

We try to sleep in on Sunday's.  Now when I say sleep in, I mean not getting out of bed until 7:30 opposed to the usual 6:45 when Lo wakes up.  Miraculously, Lo slept until 7:30 yesterday morning!  When I opened my eyes at 7, I was SHOCKED to realize that I was the first one up.  I let Loyal sleep and as soon as Lo opened his eyes I very quietly snuck upstairs and got him.  I grabbed our Father's Day present on the way and we surprised Loyal with the best wake up ever.  He told me later on that waking up to that sweet little face smiling right beside him on Father's Day was pretty amazing.  We gave him his gifts and his card.  I introduced Lo to crayons this week and showed him how to color so that he could write his own little message in Daddy's card. :)

We went out to breakfast and stuffed all of our belly's full of eggs, fruit and pancakes.  We got home right in time for Lo's nap and per Loyal's request, he took a nap too.  That was the one thing he wanted to do on Father's Day and let me tell you, he slept for 2 hours!  It was so well deserved.  He usually gets up at 4:30 for work and most days he works 15 hour days.  I wanted to make sure he had the best and most relaxing day he could have and he sure did!
After the boys napped, we went to my Dads house for dinner.  My Dad is quite the master when it comes to cooking meat.  We had some amazing brisket, homemade mac & cheese, corn and salad.  It was so good that none of us had much room for desert but still managed to have 2 pieces of chocolate cake each.  And icecream.  I know my stomach was on the verge of exploding by the time we left!
Needless to say, our Father's Day was nothing short of perfect.  Loyal does so much for our family, for which we are so so thankful.  He really is the best Dad.  He's so hands on and so dedicated to being a good father to his children.  Gosh, we sure do love him so much!!!
Happy Father's Day to my Dad, my step-dad and my hubs.
I got pretty lucky in the dad category. :)


It was super hot this past Saturday so we decided to pull out one of Lo's birthday presents.  He loved it!  Right now he is really into stirring things.  Anything, really.  So I brought out a wooden kitchen spoon and some shovels.  He sat in there and stirred everything he could!
He had a blast and I got some sun for a little bit.  A perfect summer afternoon which is a win in my book!     

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