Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Our Memorial Day

Our pool opened this weekend so yesterday we took Lo for a little while.  We have a cute little baby pool that I knew he would like.  We packed up a bunch of pool toys and his new float that he got for his birthday.  Usually when we introduce him to something new, it's really hard to get a good read on whether or not he likes it.  He remains pretty straight faced the entire time but considering he never cried, I'll take that as a good sign!  Of all of the pictures I took, I got only one smile but hey, at least I got one!  In the big pool, he watched all of the big kids jump in and play.  I think he liked playing in the baby pool with his bucket and shovels the best.  Overall, I'd say it was a great first pool day of the summer!
And just when I thought he was getting so big and growing up so fast, Loyal made him look like a tiny baby again in his hands.

Growing up, the city always put out flags in honor of our towns veterans.  Our neighbor was a veteran and every year we would search for his flag.  Driving through downtown brought back a lot of memories from my childhood.  I always thought it was fun to find that flag but never fully understood the meaning behind it and the sacrifices that people have made for our country and for our freedom today.  
Thank you to all of the men and women who have served and are currently serving our country.

A little side note:
Lo learned how to give kisses a few weeks ago.  Sometimes he's in the mood and other times he doesn't even look your way when you ask for one.  He will usually do it if I'm holding him and we are eye level.  So last night while I was putting him to bed, I walked over to his crib right before I left his room.  I said "kiss?"  He looked at me for a long second, ripped his pacifier right out of his mouth, grabbed the side of his crib and stood up with the cutest little smirk.  Once he was on his feet he puckered right up and gave me the best goodnight kiss he's ever given!  It really made our day of no sleep, a lot of tears and a trip to the doctor seem to so quickly be forgotten. :) 

Also, in case you haven't noticed...I made the switch!  I decided to go with my gut and once I did it, it felt so right.  Thanks for all of the advice, couldn't have done it without ya! ;)
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